DipintoDiNuovo - Restauro completo di un dipinto su tela

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Restoration and Conservation of a 17th Century Portrait

A timelapse video showing the processes involved in conserving and restoring a 17th Century Portrait. Including; Lining, cleaning, stopping, retouching and varnishing. The painting is a portrait of Lady Katherine Anne Erskine painted by Sir John Baptist Medina (Brussels 1659-1710 Edinburgh) who was an artist of Flemish-Spanish origin who worked in England and Scotland, mostly as a portrait painter.


A continuación se presenta parte del material generado durante la intervención realizada por ocho restauradores/as en trece lienzos pertenencientes a un apostolado que se encontraba en el vestuario capitular de la S.I Catedral de Zamora. Los lienzos se encuentran expuestos en la misma Catedral con motivo del año de la fe y permanecerán hasta noviembre de 2013. EQUIPO TÉCNICO - Carmen García Villarejo (carmengarvillarejo@gmail.com) - Ana Prieto Martín (anaprietomartin@yahoo.es) - Nuria González Rodríguez (gonzaleznuria@hotmail.com) - Carmen García Lucas (mcglucas@gmail.com) - María Teresa Cabadilla Alonso (cargonpaz@hotmail.com) - María Pilar Alaguero Pérez (pilar_alper@hotmail.com) - Ángel Pintado García (angelpintadorestaura@gmail.com) - Miguel García García (restauramiguel@gmail.com)

Restauro Dyane Atelier 2cv

Il video del restauro della Dyane Rouge Geranium del 78 per il parco stampa di Citroën Italia eseguito dall' Atelier 2CV di Guido Wilhelm

Rug Washing Procedure

My first rug washing video. For more information visit https://www.rdcr.co.uk/oriental-rug-cleaning


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Fasi esecutive del restauro di un dipinto ad olio su tela 2013
Hey there! Hi People! We're in 2017 now , how many people have seen this video in this years ! How many comment , how many compliments, how many judjment and...verdict.
And thank you all to have enjoyed my video and my restoration !
I leave everyone to express what they think and I'm sorry I will not respond to all.
I just say here that this was one of my first work done only by myself, one of my first very difficult restoration of oil paint on canvas .
Well, yes maybe is not perfect, now after 4 years I'm sure I would do differently choises about this work .
Everyone evolving their self and they're knowledge a long the way , and this is possible only whit esperiences , practice and hard work .
I'm a restorer I love so much my work , and I will always practice for do always better than before.
If you're courious to see how I improved my technique in this years ..well you're welcome in my site and website .

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