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TAVR with Satyavardhan Pulukurthy, MD

Some older patients with heart failure are too high risk for traditional cardiac surgery. Interventional cardiologist Satyavardhan Pulukurthy, MD and the team of cardiac specialists at Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton offer a minimally invasive approach to aortic valve replacement called TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement.)

Simple Trick to Starting IV's

An essential step in consistently establishing IV's, especially when your patient has those dreaded "rolling" veins, is stabilizing the target vein. (To have a little fun, can you spot the two scenes in which we used rubber arms??) Mike Stewart invites back a favorite guest, paramedic Stacey Crump, to demonstrate a little trick that may help you improve your IV starts. Like any other strategy, this one is not perfect and will not work in all circumstances or with all patients, but hopefully it may prove helpful occasionally.

Franciscan Medical Group: Jon Bernardo, MD

Jon Bernardo, MD, specializes in internal medicine, with particular interests in diabetes and hypertension at St. Joseph Medical Clinic in Tacoma. Drawn to medicine by the desire to learn and heal others based on his own experience with doctors as a child, Dr. Bernardo sees care as a team effort.

OSCE Cord Prolapse Demonstration

This video was recorded for a second year Midwifery module and is a demonstration (mock-up) of how to conduct an OSCE (Observed Structured Clinical Examination) about Cord Prolapse. Featuring University of Nottingham Division of Midwifery's Jo Foster and Amanda Wain, filmed by Kirstie Coolin from the Health E-Learning and Media Team (HELM). This resource was created for University of Nottingham Students and its intended use is as a teaching aid that forms a part of the Midwifery BSc. This video is strictly for information purposes only.

TAVR Patient: Kaja's Story

Even though she never had any problems with her heart, a lack of energy led Kaja to visit her doctor. Tests revealed she had a problem with her aortic valve. Dr. Satyavardhan Pulukurthy and the team at Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton performed a minimally invasive procedure called transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) and Kaja is feeling great.

Eduardo Duquez Jr., MD, is a board-certified family medicine physician who also practices obstetrics at Franciscan Medical Clinic in Enumclaw. Dr. Duquez was drawn to medicine for its opportunity to build relationships and positively impact people’s lives.

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