Alfred Kowalski: A collection of 39 works (HD)

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Zdislaw Beksinski: A collection of 461 paintings (HD)

Zdislaw Beksinski: A collection of 461 paintings (HD) Description: "Zdzisław Beksiński (24 February 1929 – 21 February 2005) was a renowned Polish painter. He was born in the town of Sanok, in southern Poland. After studying architecture in Cracow, he returned to Sanok in 1955. Around this time he became interested in photomontage, sculpture and painting. Later, he concentrated on painting. His first paintings were abstract art, but throughout the 1960s he made his surrealist inspirations more visible. In the 1970s, he entered what he himself called his "fantasy period", which lasted up to the late 1980s. This is his best-known period, during which he created very disturbing images, showing a surrealistic, post-apocalyptic environment with very detailed scenes of death, decay, landscapes filled with skeletons, deformed figures and deserts. These paintings were quite detailed, painted with his trademark precision.The late 1990s were a very hard time for Beksiński. His wife, Zofia, died in 1998; a year later, on Christmas Eve 1999, his son Tomasz (a popular radio presenter, music journalist and movie translator) committed suicide.On 21 February 2005, Beksiński was found dead in his flat in Warsaw with 17 stab wounds on his body.He was killed by the teenage son of his long time caretaker. Prior to his death, Beksiński refused him a loan." --- SUBSCRIBE: Facebook: Google+: Contact: --- Thanks for all support!

John Atkinson Grimshaw: A collection of 173 paintings (HD)

John Atkinson Grimshaw: A collection of 173 paintings (HD) Description: The artist John Atkinson Grimshaw was a Victorian-era painter, born in Leeds, England, living from 1836 to 1893. At the age of twenty-four, to the dismay of his parents, he departed from his first job as a clerk for the Great Northern Railway to pursue a career in art. Grimshaw's primary influence was the Pre-Raphaelites. True to the Pre-Raphaelite style, he put forth landscapes of accurate color and lighting, and vivid detail. He would often paint landscapes that typified seasons, or that typified a kind of weather. By applying his skill in lighting effects, and unusually careful attention to detail, he was often capable of intricately describing a scene, while strongly conveying its mood. On Hampstead Hill is considered one of Grimshaw's finest, exemplifying his skill with a variety of light sources, in capturing the mood of the passing of twilight into the onset of night. Dulce Donum (1855), on whose reverse Grimshaw wrote, 'mostly painted under great difficulties,' captures the music portrayed in the piano player, entices the eye to meander through the richly decorated room, and to consider the still and silent young lady who is meanwhile listening. Feel free to subscribe!

Gustave Dore: A collection of 26 paintings (HD)

Gustave Dore: A collection of 26 paintings (HD) Description: French illustrator and etcher, born in Strasbourg, dies in Paris. Famous for his printed illustrations of over 100 books, among which the Bible, fairy tales (by Perrault) the works of Dante (Divina Comedia), Lord Byron and Cervantes (Don Quixote). Art connoisseurs consider Doré a romantic exponent of the 19th century whose work is devoid of artistic value but whose importance lies in his contribution to the development of book illustration. For his bible illustrations Doré makes optimum use of contrast and chiaroscuro, often reaching quite mystical effects. His illustrated bible in folio format is a sensation from its moment of publication in 1865. Around 1870 Doré stays in London for a considerable time where a publisher invites him to sketch a portrait of the city in 180 prints (London, a pilgrimage). Doré does not manufacture all his engravings himself. In his studio his sketches are transferred onto plates. At one time he has a staff of 40 working to meet the demand. Feel free to subscribe!

Peter Fiore: Landscape Painting a Day (10 min)

Landscape artist, Peter Fiore, paints a study of a winter field from his Landscape a Day series. Edited by Sam Mordenga and accompanied by Beethoven's "Piano Concerto No. 5". Long Version. Follow Peter on Instagram:

Painting the Portrait

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Alfred Kowalski: A collection of 39 works (HD)

Description: "Alfred Von Wierusz-Kowalski was a Polish painter associated with the Munich School. He studied at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts in 1873, after attending schools in Warsaw and Dresden. Working in a detailed realistic style, many of Von Wierusz-Kowalski’s canvases feature scenes of travel, sporting, and hunting during wintertime, with horses, riders, and carriages featured as popular motifs. The Lone Wolf (c. 1890) is perhaps his most famous painting—and his most widely reproduced—and is rendered in glacial hues with delicate brushstrokes, capturing a sense of liveliness of his subjects and the rugged landscapes they inhabit. Born Alfred Jan Maksymillian Kowalski on October 11, 1849 in Suwalki, Poland, the genre painter died on February 16, 1915 in Munich, Germany."


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