Design of reinforcement for column part 3

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Columns - Do's and Don'ts

30 × 40 house Footing excavation reinforcement and concrete ratio design

This is the brief description about the footing excavation and the the ratio of concrete had been used as m20 grade been used . on site here concrete ratio is 1.5 : 3 : 4 1.5 part cement 3 part sand 4 parts aggregate 6" concrete bed or artificial rock 16 mm 8 bars 12" extended

Maximum distance between two RCC columns?

for more details :

Design of beam for 24 feet by 12 feet span

4 of 20 mm below 3 of 20 mm above

Formwork I Shuttering I Concrete Column I RCC Column Formwork I On Site Construction Activity

Column Formwork is a mould or open box, like container into which fresh concrete is poured and compacted. When the concrete is set, the formwork is removed and a solid mass is produced in the shape of the inner face of the formwork. The top of the formwork is normally left open. Column Formwork Should be... • Strong enough to resist the pressure or the weight of the fresh concrete plus any constructional live loads. • Rigid enough to retain the shape without undue deformation. • Economical in terms of the total cost of the forms and the concrete surface finishing when required. • Sufficiently watertight to avoid leakage at the joints. • Column formwork is made usually with either timber or metal panels. • The principle is to create an enclosed box with frames at the exact size of the column and fix it tightly on the kicker left from base or at the last stage of column concreting. • The box is held in position by steel column clamps or bolted yokes and supported by timber studs or props. II Improve your field construction skill by watching this video II Also Watch Video on Sttel Formwork Installation on Following Link: ===================================================== Share, Support & Subscribe..!! If you enjoyed this video..., please LIKE, SHARE and make your valuable COMMENT on my videos. Also, give SUGGESTIONS for next videos that you want from my side..., I really appreciate it..., as I plan to make videos every week. ===================================================== Connect with me..!! ■ Youtube: ■ Twitter: ■ Facebook: ■ Google Plus: ■ Email: ===================================================== About..!! Dr. Chirag N. Patel is a YouTube Channel, where you will find videos based on various engineering technology, as well as lectures related to civil engineering discipline and many more…, New Video is Posted in very short time frame.

Here the discription of the column had been made over which the design had been made
In which
12 mm of bars had been used and the
At length of 12 inch and breadth of 6 inch in which covering of 1.5 inch had been leaved
The strips distance of
8 mm bars at 7 inch spacing

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