Naked Intermediate Pilates 1 Warm up Variations

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Felicity - 1978

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pelvic exam for student

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Adam Looking For Eve Season 1 Episode 7

Adam Looking For Eve Season 1 Episode 7

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Schoolgirl Report 2 - (1971 - German,subs.English)

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Teacher: Skye
Student: Collibrina
Pilates takes a lot of fluid energy with dynamic and specific movement. Breath is very important. Its takes tremendous effort on the body and mind. If you are interested in taking a Pilates class a good, efficient warm up is important. A warm up can be done by all levels. The removal of my clothes allows me to be more on touch with my body. In this video I show you how to warm up and in preparation for your Intermediate Pilates class. I target the areas that will be doing the most work during your class, creating a sense of relaxed and engaged energy to sustain the body while exercising.

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