Importing Pick-based applications into OpenInsight

author RevelationSoftware   11 год. назад

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OpenInsight's D3 Connector Demonstration

In this video, Mike Ruane of Revelation Software demonstrates OpenInsight's connector technology and attaches data from TigerLogic's D3 data server. Once the data has been attached, OpenInsight can be used to create graphical or browser-based applications.

Basic+ Programming Tips for OpenInsight

In this video, Mike Ruane of Revelation Software discusses some of the most efficient coding techniques for common actions in OpenInsight.

What you can achieve with ARev32.

A short demo of what you can achieve with ARev32 and OpenInsight 9.2 following a successful Advanced Revelation to ARev32 conversion.

Using OpenInsight's Arev32 Conversion Wizard

This video demonstrates the use of OpenInsight's Arev32 Conversion wizard. Narrated by Mike Ruane, Revelation Software.

The Database Universe

VoltDB Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Scott Jarr on the value of data in real-time. More from Scott at

In this video, Bob Catalano of Revelation software instructs the user in how to restore a virtual tape backup of a Pick-based system into OpenInsight. Once in OpenInsight the application can be run using Revelation's CTO or "Character To OpenInsight' technology.

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