2018 Citroen C-Elysee Sedan Interior and Exterior Overview

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2018 Honda Accord EX 1.5T | Road Test & Review

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Citroën C-Elysée - Prueba / Test / Review Coches.net

Citroën C-Elysée VTi 115 CV: Formato anti-crisis http://www.coches.net/noticias/citroen/celysee/vti_115cv_exclusive El C-Elysée s un coche pensado para países emergentes, pero también se vende en España para cubrir las necesidades de personas que busquen una berlina de tamaño compacto, de concepto simple y a precio interesante. Nuestro redactor jefe, Jaume Gustems, prueba la versión con motor de gasolina y el acabado más completo, denominado Exclusive. Vídeo: Crator Produccions Otras videopruebas en Coches.net: Renault Clio dCi http://www.coches.net/noticias/videos/renault/clio/dci_90 Ford B-Max EcoBoost http://www.coches.net/noticias/videos/ford/bmax Toyota GT 86 http://www.coches.net/noticias/videos/toyota/gt_86/ Volkswagen Golf http://www.coches.net/noticias/videos/volkswagen/golf/ Volvo V40 http://www.coches.net/noticias/volvo/v40/20_d4_summum_auto/ Citroën C4 Aircross http://www.coches.net/noticias/videos/citroen/c4_aircross KTM X-BOW RR350 http://www.coches.net/noticias/videos/ktm/x_bow/rr350/ Nissan Juke-R http://www.coches.net/noticias/nissan/juke/r/ Porsche Boxster S http://www.coches.net/noticias/videos/porsche/boxster/s/ Peugeot 208 http://www.coches.net/noticias/videos/peugeot/208/5p_allure_16_ehdi_92/ Ford Focus ST http://www.coches.net/noticias/videos/ford/focus/st/ Seat Toledo http://www.coches.net/noticias/videos/seat/toledo/16_tdi_style/ Nissan GT-R http://www.coches.net/noticias/videos/nissan/gtr/38_v6_550cv_black_edition/ Citroën DS5 Hybrid4 http://www.coches.net/noticias/videos/citroen/ds5/hybrid4/terramar/ Honda Civic http://www.coches.net/noticias/videos/honda/civic/ Toyota Auris http://www.coches.net/noticias/videos/toyota/auris/2012/

5 razones por las que New C-Elysée es más para todos.

Conocen las características que hacen del New C-Elysée un auto único y que tiene más para todos. Más información en http://www.citroen.cl/vehiculo/new-citroen-c-elysee/


Citroën C-Elysée 2017 - Prueba de manejo

Citroen C-Elysée 82 hp Motor 1.2 Transmisión mecánica de 5 velocidades Precio: $12,690 CITROËN LA MARINA Av. La Marina N° 3099 , San Miguel Taller (Taller) Alejandro C. 989245769 / (Ventas) Celular 999190184 / 989231540 CITROËN CAMACHO Javier Prado Este 5327 Teléfono 7135000 anexo 5529/5528 CITROËN SURQUILLO – PEÑARANDA Av. Tomás Marsano 260, Surquillo Concesionario y taller Teléfono 631 1700 CITROËN LA VICTORIA Av. Javier Prado Este 1095 Concesionario Celular Mauricio A. 989231379 Gracias No Limits Peru Contacto: https://www.facebook.com/nolimitsperuoficial/

The 2018 Citroen C-Elysee may look similar to something you’ve seen before; think carefully and you’ll soon realize that it shares more than just its exterior styling with the Peugeot 301, on which it is based. Protruding contours in the bodywork give birth to sharp edges which accentuate its appeal, yet, the C-Elysee is unlikely to fool you into thinking it’s anything more than a downright econo-box.The C-Elysee has been designed for families

The 2018 C-Elysee which formerly was introduced by the joint venture of French automakers Peugeot-Citroen and the Chinese manufacturers Dongfeng Motor, initially produced for the Chinese market, is now in its 2nd generation and marketed to North Africa and Eastern Europe as well. The car is majorly based on the terms of design and creation but possesses certain distinct features of its own.the Sedan is a decent inception of the French brand with decent featuring and detailing. Although with a few more advanced features, it could have been a better success.

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