What Programming Language Should I Learn First?

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Why You Should Learn To Code - Is a Software Developer Career Worth It?

Start learning python by building projects in under 5 minutes TODAY – Even if you're a complete beginner... http://cleverprogrammer.to/enroll Enroll for coding exercises, projects, tutorials, and courses... http://cleverprogrammer.to/enroll ★☆★ What Programming Language Should I Learn First? ★☆★ https://youtu.be/iH4JJuoHQHc ★☆★ How to Teach Yourself Code ★☆★ https://youtu.be/CzscINpDIug ★☆★ LIVE 1-ON-1 CODING SESSION: ★☆★ https://goo.gl/rXohFR ★☆★ FREE Lesson 1: The Most Important Thing For a Successful Programmer★☆★ https://goo.gl/LwgTHk I want to cover this quite differently from how most other people might answer this question because I want to emphasize that money should not be your focus when decided careers. I mean don’t get me wrong, money is important, but what is even more important is what you actually are able to do for yourself and for others when you decide your career. There are a million and two reasons why you should study computer programming but let’s break it down into four simple ones. As a beginner software developer, the world of coding can be very confusing. What programming language should you start off with? C++, Javascript, Python? Or something completely different? More importantly, WHY should you care to ever learn how to code or how to teach yourself code in the first place? 1. You Can Create Anything You Want At its core, computer programming gives you the ability to digitize your ideas. Imagine being able to actually implement any idea that you could think about! You know that idea you have for an awesome app that would go viral once it was released out into the wild… Yeah that one – you could actually create that yourself. Let’s face it, if you are like most people, you might not have a giant pile of cash stashed away to hire somebody to make that app for you because it can get very expensive, very quickly. On the other side let’s say you had some money put away in your account overseas in the Bahamas, it is very unlikely that the person you hire will implement your idea of the app exactly how you want. Do you think Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, would have ended up creating the same Facebook if he hired someone to do the work for him? Do you think that the hired developer would have ended up putting the same amount of heart and soul into the work as Mark Zuckerberg? Do you think if the person who came up with the idea of creating Twitter, if he did not have the ability to code, would Twitter still exist? The answer for both of these is probably a resounding “No!”. This is one good reason why you should learn how to program. 2. Instant Scalability Scale Your Program To The World There is nothing else in this world that can scale its problem solving capabilities to the rest of the world like software development or computer programming can. For example, if you create an application or a website that monitors someone’s heart-rate, lets them measure their caloric count, or tracks their spending, then all of a sudden hundreds of millions of people can have their fitness or finance related problems solved with the click of a button. You can use computer science to practically solve any problem! I mean think about Uber right… Someone had an epic idea and they set out to turn it into a reality. They set out to digitize their idea into a mobile application. ------------------------------------ Clever Programmer Website ► http://cleverprogrammer.to/enroll Facebook ► http://cleverprogrammer.to/facebook Twitter ► http://cleverprogrammer.to/twitter Instagram ► http://cleverprogrammer.to/instagram YouTube ► https://www.youtube.com/c/CleverProgrammer Snapchat ► Rafeh1 ... Github (Code) ► http://cleverprogrammer.to/github

How to Select Your First Programming Language

Start learning to code at Treehouse with a free 7-Day trial: http://trhou.se/2FK1vMq Twitter: https://trhou.se/Twitter Instagram: https://trhou.se/Instagram LinkedIn: https://trhou.se/LinkedIn Facebook: https://trhou.se/Facebook How to Select Your First Programming Language One of the hardest questions you’ll ask when you start tackling programming is ‘what language should I learn first?’ – let’s talk through some of the concerns you might have: • It Feels Final • Programming Languages seem very different from each other What if I pick the wrong language? Some languages ARE harder to learn than others. Especially if it’s your first. However, every language has been someone’s first and they’ve been through the same issues that you’re experiencing. If you feel like you’ve picked the wrong language, you may have picked one with syntax that is too verbose. But you may also be experiencing a challenge – When you start learning a new language you’re going to learn a lot – and if you’re following a good tutorial, it should even be fun. But after you learn the basic concepts of something, you may find that the next concepts are more challenging. While you may want to give up – that’s when you’ll want to work even harder. Push through your confusion, take good notes, and learn as much as you can. By pushing yourself you’ll find that you can learn anything. We see this all time. You’ll find that the ‘What programming language should I learn first?’ questions is incredibly popular and after a few months, you’ll find yourself offering your own advice to others just getting started. Here are the main modern programming languages you’ll likely be considering: JavaScript PHP Python Ruby Objective C / Swift C# Java / Kotlin • Programming Project Examples https://github.com/karan/Projects Which Do I Choose? While plenty of people will gladly tell you exactly what language to learn – here are a few considerations: What do you want to do? If you are interested in working for a specific company, you’ll want to take a look at their job boards. They’ll list specific requirements. Don’t worry if you don’t meet any of them now. You will. But this’ll give you an idea of the direction you’re heading. What do you want to build? This is one of the most challenging questions to answer. “What do you want to build?” If you have an idea for something to build, you might already be building it. Knowing what you want to build solves the ‘what programming language should I learn first’ question quickly – because the language is just a tool to get you where you want to go. If you don’t know what you want to build, check out a site like this one https://github.com/karan/Projects it has a list of projects that can be completed in any language. Consider them like puzzles or challenges and start with the easiest one. Once you select a language you’ll discover that there are tons of resources for learning it – there’s podcasts, video tutorials, books, apps, conferences, meetups – just tons of things – and while it’s a challenge to filter out what’s most valuable – as most of these resources are going to be talking about things you won’t understand yet – you want to Immerse Yourself in the Language and take it all in. But the most important thing is you’ve decided to learn to code. Congratulations, that’s a huge step, and if you’ve made it this far, I can tell you something, You’re gonna love it. Remember, coding is fun, and therefore learning to code should be fun too, don’t let these early decisions stress you out. You got this! Stick with it! CORRECTION: At 2:01 We list HTML/CSS on a slide in a list of Programming Languages – we didn't mean to imply that HTML/CSS are programming languages. They are markup languages. However, we do recommend learning HTML & CSS before learning a web-focused programming language. We appreciate everyone's concern about correcting this! ;) Learn how to build websites and apps, write code, or start a business at Treehouse. Learn from over 1,000 videos created by our expert teachers on web design, coding, business, and much more. Treehouse teaches the in-demand technology skills you need to land your dream job.

Let's Learn Python - Basics #1 of 8 - Integers, Floats and Maths

If you're a beginner and/or mildly interested in learning Python scripting/programming, this IS the place to start! I will walking you through a bit of programming theory, some of the basics for variable creation and math functions used in Python! Please leave me a comment or question below! Like and Subscribe to show your support! :D DOWNLOAD PYTHON: www.python.org/getit ========================================= http://www.facebook.com/TPayneExperience http://www.twitter.com/TPayneXperience http://www.instagram.com/TPayneExperience Music by Juto: Link Coming Soon! ========================================= --- SUPER TUTORIAL LIST!!! --- LLP #25 - UI with PyQt & OpenGL - http://youtu.be/eJveTXSXs8Q LLP #24 - UI with Python, PyQt & Qt Designer - http://youtu.be/GLqrzLIIW2E LLP #23 - Regular Expressions - http://youtu.be/ZdDOauFIDkw LLP #22 - Multithreading - http://youtu.be/i1SW4q9yUEs LLP #21 - Min Max Algorithm - http://youtu.be/fInYh90YMJU LLP #20 - A* Algorithm - http://youtu.be/ob4faIum4kQ LLP #19 - Finite-State Machines (FSM) - http://youtu.be/E45v2dD3IQU LLP #18 - Factory and @classmethod - http://youtu.be/flOXIdWUpmU LLP #17 - Type Class Creation, Metaclass - http://youtu.be/pd4Lm_WLJpM LLP #16 - Singletons - http://youtu.be/6IV_FYx6MQA LLP #15 - Nesting Functions and Decorators - http://youtu.be/fVon4QaY4wo LLP #14 - *Args, **Kwargs - http://youtu.be/WWm5DxTzLuk LLP #13 - UML - Unified Modeling Language - http://youtu.be/U3B5z2HQlaQ LLP #12 - Abstract Classes, Multiple Inheritance - OOP 3 of 3 - http://youtu.be/rOaRMW8jYOo LLP #11 - Overriding & File Mng. - OOP 2 of 3 - http://youtu.be/TF_y8Gta0vY LLP #10 - Inheritance - OOP 1 of 3 - http://youtu.be/pxbdnrjf-Uc LLP #9 - Creating Text Files - http://youtu.be/DRZdfd5_rdg LLP #8 of 8 - Classes - http://youtu.be/trOZBgZ8F_c LLP #7 of 8 - Files and User Input - http://youtu.be/0ury8KHQdL4 LLP #6 of 8 - Functions - http://youtu.be/qO4ZN5uZSVg LLP #5 - Exception Handling - http://youtu.be/hrR0WrQMhSs LLP #4 - Loops - http://youtu.be/6HWK6O4-28E LLP #3 - Conditionals, If, Else, Elif - http://youtu.be/mQrci1kAwh4 LLP #2 - Strings, Lists, Tuples and Dictionaries - http://youtu.be/19EfbO5D_8s LLP #1 - Integers, Floats and Maths - http://youtu.be/D48iCw3WWpI PLAYLISTS BASICS - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL82YdDfxhWsDJTq5f0Ae7M7yGcA26wevJ OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL82YdDfxhWsAyY3iNNDC1kUKWAJibUGi6 SCRIPTING PLAYLIST - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL82YdDfxhWsC-3kdTKK2_mwbNdBfVvb_M =========================================

Why you should not learn to code. ("Just stop already, it's too hard.")

Ex-Google TechLead THE TECHLEAD explains why you should not learn to code. The machines are coming for our jobs, and there just isn't time to learn anymore. http://instagram.com/patrickshyu/ http://twitter.com/patrickshyu/ ‣ TechLead: Season 1 Complete HD available for purchase. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wbKUHBPkh4

We’re Close to a Universal Quantum Computer, Here’s Where We're At

Quantum computers are just on the horizon as both tech giants and startups are working to kickstart the next computing revolution. U.S. Nuclear Missiles Are Still Controlled By Floppy Disks - https://youtu.be/Y8OOp5_G-R4 Read More: Quantum Computing and the New Space Race http://nationalinterest.org/feature/quantum-computing-the-new-space-race-26349 “In January 2017, Chinese scientists officially began experiments using the world’s first quantum-enabled satellite, which will carry out a series of tests aimed at investigating space-based quantum communications over the course of the next two years.” Quantum Leap in Computer Simulation https://pursuit.unimelb.edu.au/articles/quantum-leap-in-computer-simulation “Ultimately it will help us understand and test the sorts of problems an eventually scaled-up quantum computer will be used for, as the quantum hardware is developed over the next decade or so.” How Quantum Computing Will Change Your Life https://www.seeker.com/quantum-computing-cryptography-future-physics-2031879856.html “The Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics kicked off a new season of live-streamed public lectures featuring quantum information expert Michele Mosca.” Sign Up For The Seeker Newsletter Here - http://bit.ly/1UO1PxI ____________________ Seeker inspires us to see the world through the lens of science and evokes a sense of curiosity, optimism and adventure. Visit the Seeker website https://www.seeker.com/ Subscribe now! https://www.youtube.com/user/DNewsChannel Seeker on Twitter http://twitter.com/seeker Seeker on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SeekerMedia/ Seeker http://www.seeker.com/

Start learning python by building projects in under 5 minutes TODAY – Even if you're a complete beginner...


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★☆★ How to Teach Yourself Code ★☆★

★☆★ Why You Should Learn To Code - Top 4 Reasons ★☆★


Should you start off with Java, C++, C, Python, Javascript, SQL, Swift, Objective-C or what!??

... Feeling overwhelmed yet before you even began your journey as a software developer? If so, good! The point of this video is to discuss all of that in a simple way and clarify common misconceptions among beginning coders when they are about to start. We discuss different programming languages and suggest which language you should perhaps start off with first. You can always switch over later! The important thing is to understand the concepts in a computer programming language especially as a beginner. Do not try to deal with both conceptual difficulty and syntactical difficulty at the same time. Imagine if you never knew any human language and you tried to start off by learning Japanese as an adult, that would be really tough. Start simple, learn the concepts, then transition to another language. We will talk about which languages to avoid as a beginner!


I worked on this project with my friend. Never knew ANY Javascript but picked it up within one day and built this whole thing together with my friend in about 1-2 days.

The idea behind the app is to be able to download commonly visited locations on an excel sheet and print them so when your GPS dies on you... You are still good to go.

I did a lot of private chess lessons and I depended on my GPS for the job. However, sometimes it died on me in very critical situations and that almost got me fired from my job.
This app was made for people who can use this in order to not have to rely on GPS solely to get to their destination.

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