Brazil: Gasps and tears as Brazil’s WC journey comes to an end

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Spain Fans React (Angry & Tears) to Out of World Cup on Penalties

Spain's loss to Russia left fans watching in suburban Madrid in shock, and almost at a loss for words. Spain, the penalties, were defeated in Russia and were taken from the World Cup. Spanish fans who say goodbye to the World Cup are very upset. Follow the reactions of the Spanish fans to their eliminations. Watch the folks' tears, their moments of annoyance. The hearts of Spain's fans broke off in a disappointed manner. You can watch the sorrowful reactions of the Spanish fans without losing the match. At this fan zone in a Madrid suburb, watching on big screens, the World Cup penalty shootout at the end of Spain's match against Russia, Before a home crowd, Russia's goalie blocked the penalty kicks of two Spanish players. In the penalty shootout against Russia, Spain converted its first few penalty kicks, but then came the two misses. Watch some of our favourite reactions to Russia's penalty shootout victory over 2010 World Cup winners Spain as the hosts book their place in the quarter-finals. #Spain #Russia #WorldCup #WorldCup2018 My Channel: Video URL: Follow Us on Google Plus: All rights reserved SOFOO The copy of this video will be denounced. Copyright © SOFOO™ Year 2018.

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World Cup 2002 Brazil World Champions

A Tribute For The Best Team In The World

Brazilian football fans gathered in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro on Friday to watch their team fight for the semi final against Belgium, but were disappointed to see their team loose 2-1 and exit the 2108 Russia World Cup.

SOT, Noel dos Santos , Brazil football fan (Portuguese): "The game had it all to be better, we were confident with our team, in Tite, but, unfortunately, even if the substitution worked, we could not reach our goal which was to classify, now we have to be patient to keep it up and look to the future."

SOT, Animal Gomes, Brazil football fan (Portuguese): "They should have played; their obligation was to go ahead and play. They win more than I will ever win and do nothing, they didn't do a good job and don't care about us, I know what they will do now: sleep comfortably with their money and I will sleep crying."

SOT, Maria Paula, Brazil football fan (Portuguese): "I think losing is a part of the game, it was 2 to 1, it was much less humiliating than 7 to 1, but the sport is that, one day we win and the other day we lose, it depends on the athletes, their psychological, so is the sport, life goes on. Until 2022."

SOT, William Rodrigues Werner, Brazil football fan (Portuguese): "2 to 1. 2 goals in the first part, this took the motivation to Brazil, but in 4 years, more."

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