Brushstrokes (Part 1) - The Early Masters

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Brushstrokes (Part 2) - The 19th Century

Part two of the groundbreaking three-part series on brushstrokes delves into the significant changes that occurred in the world of art throughout the 19th century. Many of the innovative brushstrokes developed by the masters during this time, set the foundation for the work and ideas seen throughout the 20th century and into today. Music Credits (Part 2): Piano Inspirational by TheJRSSoundDesign Simple Piano by TheJRSSoundDesign Simple Piano by TheJRSSoundDesign Beautiful Inspiring Piano by TheJRSSoundDesign Solo Piano Inspiration by Opus68

Brushstrokes (Part 3) - The Modern Era

In part three of this groundbreaking three-part series on brushstrokes, artist Jill Poyerd takes a look at the explosion of new ideas in brushwork and paint application throughout the modern era. Focusing on select brushstrokes, viewers walk through the gradual progression and learn how ideas of abstraction became part of the artist’s repertoire. *Learn more through Jill's online painting course MASTERING BRUSHSTROKES, a two-part painting instruction series available through Save 70% off list price with coupon code: YOUTUBE70B Music Credits (Part 3): Classical Piano Inspirational by TheJRSSoundDesign Emotional Flashback by TheJRSSoundDesign Simple Piano by TheJRSSoundDesign Emotional Flashback by TheJRSSoundDesign Piano Inspirational (review) by TheJRSSoundDesign

PAINTING A PORTRAIT in Oils - My favourite Techniques

Painting a portrait in oils. In this video Andrew Tischler shows some of his favourite techniques and share his tips on glazing, oiling-in and getting a true likeness. This painting depicts Wies Van Echten. LANDSCAPE and PORTRAITS Tutorials/DVD COMING SOON! To find out the latest and to be updated regularly make sure you subscribe through the website! OTHER VIDEOS Harry Van Echten: VLOG #1: Andrew Tischler's Materials: Paint: Langridge Handmade Oils Medium: Langridge Oleogel Brushes: Follow Andrew Tischler on INSTAGRAM: Follow Andrew Tischler on FACEBOOK: SUBSCRIBE and get these videos 24 HOURS ahead of the rest!

Alla-Prima Portrait Painting Demo | John Singer Sargent Master Copy

In this week's video I will be guiding you through a John Singer Sargent master copy using oil paint directly onto the canvas as the master himself worked. Here's the link to the photo reference used in this video below, Here's a link to my Alla Prima Portrait Painting tutorial below, Soundtrack: CMA

Frilli Gallery 1860 The Carving of a marble block Apollo & Daphe replica after Lorenzo Bernini

In this beautiful video, the majestic expertise of authentic masters of marble carving is shown. The full size replica, entirely hand carved, of the Apollo & Daphne by Lorenzo Bernini is here recreated as in the most traditional technique.

How do brushstrokes influence a work of art? What are the different brushstrokes available to artists and which Masters made them famous? This groundbreaking video by artist Jill Poyerd traces the history of artistic brushwork from the pre-Renaissance era up to the 1800s. This is part one of a 3-part series.

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