2018 Chery Tiggo 3X Compact SUV Interior and Exterior Overview

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2018 Chery Tiggo 3 1.6 CVT Full Car Overview

Chery Tiggo 3 is a practical vehicle that comes equipped with a wide range of features surpassing many of our expectations and offers value for money, we can’t yet vouch for the the durability of the materials in the cabin, or the long-term reliability.The Chery Tiggo3 is definitely worth a great look… And could be the vehicle that helps change people’s preconceived ideas about the brand and its products. The Chery Tiggo3 challenges preconceived nations of Chinese automobiles and their laid-back approach to quality., while offering significantly more, it’s worth your time if you’re on the lookout for a compact SUV. The Chery Tiggo3 is a compact SUV that goes up against the likes of the Kia Sportage and the Mitsubishi ASX, the Chinese Sedan isn’t one to be taken lightly.

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تقيم و مواصفات وسعر السيارة الصيني شيري تيجو( اسبرنزا سابقا ) الشكل الجديد مع ذكر بعض العيوب الشائعة في السيارة chery tiggo 2018 review and price

Mini Test: Chery Tiggo 3

El nuevo SUV compacto de la casa china.

2017 CHERY TIGGO 3X 1.5L

Chery Tiggo7 2018 Review | YallaMotor.com

The Chery Tiggo7 is the Chinese brand's answer to the likes of the Hyundai Tucson and Kia Sportage. With its sights set on offering better value for money than its Korean rivals (a tough act to follow) the Tiggo7 is at the forefront of changing buyer's perceptions in the UAE. Prices, Specs and Features of the Chery Tiggo7 can be found on YallaMotor at: https://uae.yallamotor.com/new-cars/chery/tiggo7 To read the full review, head on over to: https://uae.yallamotor.com/car-news/chery-tiggo7-2018-review-5040 For an in-depth comparison of how the Chinese SUV fares against its Korean counterparts, see our comprehensive comparative report here: https://uae.yallamotor.com/new-cars/compare/12084-vs-9642-vs-9706 If you're on the lookout for used Chery cars in the UAE, be sure to stop by YallaMotor's used car section at: https://uae.yallamotor.com/used-cars/chery #Chery #Tiggo7 #CheryTiggo7 #CheryReview If you want to learn more about any car including reviews, prices, specifications, and value in your country (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Egypt) please visit https://www.yallamotor.com It always good to stay connected people. We would love to hear from you on all our others Social Media Channels! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yallamotor Twitter: https://twitter.com/YallaMotor Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yallamotor/

The Chery Tiggo 3X is ready, looking very hip in orange. The Tiggo 3X is a sporty variant of the Chery Tiggo 3, aimed at young first-car buyers in the big cities, one of the hottest buyer-groups of the moment. Nobody cares about the old and conservative anymore! The 3X will be launched on the Chinese car market in November 15. Price will range from 63.900 yuan to 79.900 yuan.
Nice design with hyper-short front and rear overhang. Black wheel arches and roof rails, usable ones, in crossover style. Wheels are a tad too small but racy alloys look great. Chery calls their new design language “life in motion”, which of course is just a marketing thingy to appeal to those young buyers. Most tellingly, Chery is using only the English term and not a Chinese translation. That too is deliberate, the young all speak English, right..? In a text however it looks kinda odd, like this:

Maybe a more name-like term would have been better, something like LiFeMo or LiFMoti.

The orange theme continues inside. But there is a problem. The orange of the seats and doors differs from the orange around the gear lever, around the vents, and on the center stack. That looks very messy and unfinished. And strangely, there isn’t a touch of any orange on the steering wheel, which is now just a big piece of black plastic.

Instrument panel look great. Fuzzy shape, fuzzy shaped pointers, and a clear TFT screen in the middle.

The infotainment system shows the radio, and that is the only thing 99% of Chinese car buyers uses the infotainment system for. They do the rest with their iPhones. The screen is an 8-inch LCD.

The Chery Tiggo 3X will initially only be available with a 1.5 liter petrol with 106hp and 135nm, mated to a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic. Happily, a juicier 1.2 turbo will become available in early 2017 with some 150 horses in stock. The 1.2 turbo will be mated to a six-speed manual or CVT.

The fit and finish of the lower part of the rear bumper is a mess. There is another skid-pad-for-show but it isn’t straight. Look on the right side, it looks like it was cut by a drunk with an axe. On the left side, oh horror, is a small cutout, cut by the same drunk, for the tiny exhaust pipe. Very ugly.

But all together it is a fine looking little car. Will the young buy it? They will like the looks and the tech, and it will be cheap, but the underpowered engine is a bit of a letdown. The 1.2 turbo better come quickly.

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