2018 Toyota YARiS L CVT Championship Limited Edition Interior and Exterior Overview

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2017 Toyota Yaris - interior Exterior and Drive

New 2017 Toyota Yaris INTRODUCTION New Yaris ready to build on third generation model’s success, with market segment share rising to its highest recorded level Toyota’s European design and engineering teams take leading role in global project More than 900 new parts introduced in €90 million programme for the new Yaris Continued success of Yaris production by Toyota Motor Manufacturing France, both for European and global markets Design changes focus on giving the Yaris a more active and dynamic look and a more refinement and a modern interior Toyota commitment to safety sees Toyota Safety Sense active safety systems fitted as standard to all new Yaris models Yaris Hybrid engineered for even quieter performance and improved ride and steering Revised model range with new equipment grades targeting specific customer groups DESIGN Design changes focus on more active and dynamic look with increased refinement Emphasis on horizontal lines and stronger three-dimensional architecture, emphasising a wide vehicle stance and low centre of gravity New front end displays “catamaran” shape architecture, with new headlight units, new grille designs and simplified treatment of the area around the central Toyota emblem New lower door mouldings emphasise new Yaris’ athletic profile New tailgate, rear light clusters and bumper New exterior colours and wheel designs New cabin upholsteries, trims and colour choices Revised combimeter incorporates new colour TFT multi-information display GRADE STRATEGY New grade strategy tailored to appeal to different customer groups Entry grade models provide strong basic specification at a competitive price point Mid grade specification includes new colour TFT multi-information display Mid+ models deliver high value for money and feature additional style details, including 15-inch alloy wheels and side sills Bi-Tone grade targets younger, style-conscious customers, with contrast exterior paint finishes and toning interior trims and upholsteries New Chic trim focuses on added refinement with exterior chrome detailing and black interior finish, including part-leather upholstery DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE Yaris Hybrid remains unique proposition in its segment, with best-in-class CO2 emissions Yaris Hybrid noise and vibration levels reduced with new engine mounts, roll restrictor, front driveshafts and subframe New-design engine mounts, shock absorber adjustments and retuned electric power steering improve Yaris Hybrid’s ride comfort and steering accuracy New 1.5-litre petrol engine with VVT-iE, offering more torque and power but higher efficiency and lower emissions than previous 1.33-litre unit Improvement in fuel economy of up to 12 per cent SAFETY Toyota Safety Sense active safety systems fitted as standard to all new Yaris models The package includes Pre-Collision System with Autonomous Emergency Braking, Automatic High Beam, Lane Departure Alert and Road Sign Assist* Rear seat belts with force limiters and pretensioners A stronger model range The new Yaris makes a stronger style statement, displaying new front and rear designs that give the car a stronger harmony of design and project a more active and dynamic look. The appearance is also more refined, with detailing in the bodywork and the cabin and new colour choices that enhance the model’s already high levels of perceived quality. Changes to the interior promote a more modern feel, in particular with new colours, trims and improvements to the instruments and controls. All versions apart from the Entry grade model now feature a colour TFT multi-information display in the driver’s instrument binnacle. Increased customer choice extends to a new 1.5-litre petrol engine, designed to meet more stringent Euro 6c emissions standards and future homologation requirements that address “real world” fuel economy. The new unit delivers 10% more power and torque than the previous 1.33-litre engine, yet also posts an improvement in fuel economy of up to 12 per cent. Toyota’s commitment to making cars safer is reflected in all versions of new Yaris being equipped with Toyota Safety Sense active safety systems as standard, including a Pre-Collision System with Autonomous Emergency Braking, Automatic High Beam, Lane Departure Alert and Road Sign Assist*. Where the hybrid model is concerned, engineers have focused on achieving an even quieter ride, particularly under acceleration, introducing a raft of measures including new engine mounts, roll restrictor, front driveshafts and subframe. The design of the new engine mounts and adjustments to the shock absorbers and electric power steering have also improved the hybrid’s ride comfort and steering accuracy. Read morehttp://newsroom.toyota.eu/new-2017-toyota-yaris "SUBSCRIBE NOW" 2016 2018

Understanding CVT !

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2018 Toyota Yaris - Exterior and Interior Walkaround - Debut at 2017 Geneva Motor Show

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Mahindra Reva E2O Electric Car Review- Exteriors, Interiors And Features

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The 2018 Toyota Yaris is two cars: a fun-to-drive sedan called the "iA," and a hatchback relic that's hard to recommend. Four doors=four thumbs up.
Low cost doesn't need to be low rent. Some versions of the 2018 Toyota Yaris prove as much.

The 2018 Yaris could be one of those options, depending on the model. Why model? Because the Yaris is one name for two cars—the hatchback Yaris, and the unrelated sedan called the Yaris iA.

Both fall closer to the affordable end of Toyota’s lineup, but while the Yaris feels like it’s built to a price, the Yaris iA feels like a good value.
This year’s news is a restyled front bumper and rear end on hatchback models. It’s an incremental improvement for that helps the small hatchback gain a point for style, but we’re not convinced many people will know the difference.

The Yaris iA stands pat for another year with no changes. The Yaris iA was designed and is built by Mazda and sold in other parts of the world as a Mazda 2.

Hatchback versions generally offer more versatility than their sedan counterparts, but the iA sedan vaults its counterpart with a better drive for similar money.

The Yaris hatchback is offered in L, LE, and SE trims, with three or five doors, and the Yaris iA is available in a single trim.

Both cars are powered by 1.5-liter inline-4 engines married to a range of transmissions. Their spec sheets might look the same, but the hatch’s engine is made by Toyota, while the sedan’s is a wholly different engine made by Mazda. The hatchback offers a 5-speed manual and an ancient 4-speed automatic. The sedan is offered with a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic.

Both offer touchscreens for infotainment (6.1 inches in the hatchback and 7.0 inches in the sedan) although neither support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

We have a few problems with the Yaris, but its standard safety systems aren’t among those issues. The Yaris and Yaris iA are equipped with a suite of advanced safety features that includes lane departure warning and a low-speed automatic emergency braking system. The sedan has earned top “Good” scores by the IIHS, but the hatchback is saddled with a worrying “Marginal” rating for small-overlap frontal impact safety.
Credit where it’s due: At least, the 2018 Toyota Yaris is trying to look better.
The 2018 Toyota Yaris gets new front and rear bumpers this year, but spotting the changes requires our glasses and thinkers. The Yaris iA sedan hasn’t changed, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
Among small cars, the Yaris iA does little to distinguish itself. It doesn’t hide its Mazda roots well—the Toyota Yaris iA is sold as a Mazda 2 in many other parts of the world—and aside from its nose, it’d be hard to find any Toyota corporate influence in the sheet metal. It’s a tidy design with some interesting character lines running across the doors.
The Yaris hatchback gets most of its new moves from the Toyota Prius, especially the point front bumper, which is strange inspiration. The rest of the car is fairly slab-sided, but five-door models won’t lose a point based on effort. It’s trying at least.

Inside both, the cabins are relatively plain and uninteresting. We weren’t fans of the center-instrument oddities of older Yaris models, which was thankfully broomed for a more intuitive layout. The Yaris iA’s cockpit features rounded vents and an upright infotainment screen mounted atop the dash. It looks somewhat aftermarket, but it’s hard to begrudge the budget roots for a car that starts at less than $16,000.
The Toyota Yaris iA is reasonably fun to drive. The hatchback? Not so much.
All Yarises aren’t created equal. One is a throwback to the days of less-than-glorious economy cars, while the other is the epitome of cheap, but cheerful.
Both Yaris and Yaris iA are powered by 1.5-liter inline-4 engines that make 106 horsepower, but confusingly aren’t related at all. As you might have figured out by now, the iA’s engine is a Mazda unit, while the hatchback’s was designed by Toyota.
The Yaris hatchback pairs its engine with an overwhelmed 4-speed automatic or an underwhelming 5-speed manual. We recommend the manual for hatchback models based on the wide spacing of the automatic’s gears and because the engine runs out of ideas quickly. Approaching fun requires a large compromise of time and quiet to get there; the engine requires constant attention.

Thanks to relatively soft springs, the Yaris isn’t thrown into a tizzy with bumps and imperfect roads. The Yaris SE adds a stiffer suspension that is an improvement, but not necessarily sportier.

The Yaris iA is better with a 6-speed automatic or 6-speed manual. It’s still not that fast, but it compensates with precise and nicely weighted steering. Its suspension comes in a single flavor: mostly good.

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