What is the House of Commons? | A brief overview

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PMQ's Best Bits (1981-2016)

A combination of all the best moments in the House of Commons over the last 35 years. I claim no credit for the footage nor the music.

John Bercow speech to become Speaker

John Bercow explains why he should be elected the new Speaker of the House of Commons in the UK. The Father of the House, Alan Williams, was the presiding officer of the Commons during the election process.

Who Sits Where? - Tour of the House of Commons

We discuss who sits where in the United Kingdom House of Commons, as well as some of the traditions in the chamber. Eleven Weird Facts About The House of Commons: https://youtu.be/WzsOkALl6m4

The UK's Many Political Parties Explained

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House of Commons Six packs, ugly politicians and other jokes

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What is the House of Commons? This video gives a brief overview to the house of commons and the role it plays in British Politics.

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