Cobalt SS SC Interchiller Part 2

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Cobalt SS SC Interchiller Part 3 IT WORKS!!

Finally the interchiller is done and she works. Check out what i had to do in order to get it to work.

Intercoolers and the SRT Demon Power Chiller

Need an intercooler for your turbocharged car or truck? Air to Air Intercooler: Air to Water Intercooler: Garrett GT2860R Turbo: Edelbrock GM Gen 4 4.8/5.3/6.0 Truck Engine Supercharger: Chrysler has done it again. They introduce a car with insane power to the public that’s literally called “Demon”. However, even if you are well versed in the forced air world, you’re probably wondering just what on earth the “SRT Power Chiller” is and how it works exactly. We’ll explain that as well as the how’s and what’s of intercoolers in this video. The idea of the intercooler is that it is going to reduce the temperature of the boosted air charge before it reaches your intake manifold. There are two ways to get this done by either air-to-air intercoolers or air-to-water intercoolers. Keep in mind, if you’ve been running an intercooled and turbo or supercharged engine, you’re probably aware of what these are. First, we’ll start with the simplest design: the air-to-air intercooler. Support the Channel with Patreon: Carbage Host: Justin Banner (@jb27tt on twitter, RacerBanner on Facebook) Check out the Website: Support Carbage on Amazon: Or you can buy shirts and stuff here: Follow on Facebook: We have Twitter: Instagram too:

2006 Cobalt SS | "1QikSS" | With Crazy Mods

This is my 2006 Cobalt SS, I am taking it out to the Scottsdale Pavilions in Phoenix AZ as I am posting it for sale. If interested in purchasing please leave a comment below.

Cobalt SS Build (Part 2) Cylinder Head Cleanup

Continued on the build for my Cobalt SS getting an LDK swap and a step closer thats needed to getting it back on the road. Head clean up is an important role on keeping everything steady to prevent damage from dirt and debris. Please Like and Suscribe to receive the latest content on the Cobalt build and or if you are an Ecotec/Cobalt enthusiast!! Thanks ya'll for visiting and Hope to see ya'll soon!! Created with Movie Studio Platinum

Does the budget intercooler water spray really work? - RL testing of Mighty Car Mods DIY spray

Welcome to the Dasllamas YouTube channel. Subscribe, Like, Sit Back, and Enjoy! Does the budget intercooler water spray from Mighty Car Mods really work? Real life testing of the DIY budget intercooler spray. Tempratures were mid 60's with 32% humidity. testing was done at speeds of 60 MPH. 2014 Dodge Charger R/T AWD D1SC Procharger 180 T-stat Mod Custom Flowmaster exhaust with original 40 mufflers Resonator delete Various cosmetic mods 500 AWHP 508TQ Check out my other videos in my channel!

Check out part 1 to see the thoughts and build of how i made it

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