BlackHat 2017 Traffic Interception vesves Remote Mobile Phone Cloning with a Compromised CDMA F

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Inside a fake "10400mAh" eBay USB power bank.

The most annoying thing about this power bank is that the physical structure of it is great. It supports the four 18650 cells well and has a nice PCB mounting system. The battery wires have good clearance and it's altogether quite rugged. Shame about the capacity and the way the listing assured it was a "Guaranteed 10600mAh capacity". The whole unit is probably capable of being a much better power bank when built with decent components, but in this form it's clearly been made to look the part and cater to the fake specification market. On a plus note the cells do at least appear to be real 1000mAh ones and not a mixture of real cells and weighted cases. By request, a generic eBay search link for the little plug-in USB flashlight :- If you enjoy these videos you can help support the channel with a dollar for coffee, cookies and random gadgets for disassembly at:- This also keeps the channel independent of YouTube's advertising algorithms allowing it to be a bit more dangerous and naughty.

How To Find Someone 's Location By Their Phone Numbr On Your Android Device!

hello my friends in this tutorial video, you will get info to finding someone 's location or info using this tool. whatever it s the best app to get your friends location and you will be able to get them where is he now so its good app for you my friends don't forget to subscribe and download links are here in below link: sub link: download link: if the App used in the video didn't help, then here are some alternatives. 1. Phone Check 2. Reverse Phone Lookup. 3. VeriSpy. 4. People Spy. 5. Info Tracer.

Tickle My Phone (true remote) & How to use any person mobile in just 1 sms || in hindi ||

Hello friends in this video I am going to talking about how to hack any phone in just one SMS and how to use any phone in just one SMS how to control and others phone guys tickle my phone and how to use any person mobile in just one second so guys if you like the video please hit the like button and don't forget to subscribe my channel thank you for watching this video keep sharing and keep supporting Jai Hind SUBSCRIBE Here.. To download app click on this link Follow me on twitter. Follow me on facebook. Follow me on instagram. Follow me on google+

CW Practice Game Software ~ WinKeyer USB & Iambic Master ~ Get Fast at CW Morse!

If you want CW Practice software then look no further than the Iambic Master coupled with the WinKeyer USB. Got the WinKeyer to bring CW skills to the next level. Practice on the computer or anywhere. WinKeyer is a low-cost full featured external Morse keyer capable of being fully controlled via a USB interface. It enables software developers to create a fully integrated Morse keyer within their programs, which will operate with Windows XP, Win7, Win8, and now Win10. It ensures accurately timed CW letters and strings no matter what the host PC is doing. A Bit of History Few, if any, serious contesters or DXers would contemplate operating without using a computer-based logging program these days. Contest logging was one of the first serious Amateur Radio applications to appear on the PC and within a few years there were many excellent logging programs on the market. Virtually all of these programs had two things in common: 1. They were DOS-based 2. They offered some form of CW keying The DOS environment lent itself well to the task of internal CW generation. Firstly, it was possible to capture the internal system clock and harness it to provide the timing for the code generator. Second, DOS inherently supported an interrupt system, which provided an easy way to implement CW keying as a background task. Finally, unfettered access to the parallel or serial port meant that the key output could be easily interfaced to the rig. All this changed with the advent of Windows. Indeed it is fair to state that the huge step forward that Windows represented to the general PC user was at least equalled for Radio Amateurs by the step backwards in CW keying capability. Windows is a multi-tasking operating system which means that the CPU is shared between many different tasks. This makes it very difficult to accurately time CW due to constant task switching. This results in unevenly timed dits and dahs. For example, in the middle of a word you might have an R with a really long dah in the middle or an A that sounds more like an M. WinKeyer is specifically designed to completely overcome this problem. By off loading CW generation to a separate dedicated microcontroller, all the timing problems disappear. Applications running on the PC send ASCII letters to Winkeyer for conversion to Morse, allowing them to focus on more important things. Winkeyer provides several other crucial features. An external speed control allows the operator to tweak speed based on operating conditions. Having the ability to run fills with a paddle is essential and Winkeyer provides that also. Finally, to add a level of safety, Winkeyer isolates the PC from the the radio with optocouplers and provides two sets of KEY/PTT outputs for two radios. Winkeyer provides full control of CW timing and keying options all programmable from the PC. To add to Winkeyer's utility, a standalone mode is included which means it is a full featured CW keyer able to be operated without a PC connection.

Getting Started With The HackRF, Hak5 1707

Shannon starts up the HackRF to show some of it’s capabilities. Follow along and learn about this new software defined radio peripheral capable of transmission or reception of radio signals! HackRF - Getting Started and 2 Radio Frequencies at Once Pentoo, a Linux distribution with full support for HackRF and GNU Radio. Download the latest Pentoo .iso image from one of the mirrors listed at Then burn the .iso to a DVD or use UNetbootin to install the .iso on a USB flash drive. Boot your computer using the DVD or USB flash drive to run Pentoo. Once Pentoo is running, type startx at the command line to launch the desktop environment. Accept the "default config" in the first dialog box and then launch a Terminal Emulator window using the icon at the bottom of the screen. At the time of writing, the current Pentoo .iso (2014.0-RC3) has a minor bug that you need to work around by typing "eselect lapack set 1" at the command line in the terminal window before trying to use GNU Radio. You only need to do this once after starting up Pentoo, but you'll have to do it every time you boot an unmodified .iso. To verify that your HackRF is detected, type "hackrf_info" at the command line. It should produce a few lines of output including "Found HackRF board." The 3V3, 1V8, RF, and USB LEDs should all be illuminated and are various colors. Now you can use programs such as gnuradio-companion or gqrx to start experimenting with your HackRF. Open GNu-radio companion via terminal and open the first HackRF map file. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Bash Bunny Primer - Hak5 2225" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Doug Deperry vesves Tom Ritter 1st--4th, 2017 Rio Hotel vesves Casino • Las Vegas, Nevada.

By: Tom Ritter, Doug DePerry vesves Andrew Rahimi I have a box on my desk that your CDMA cell phone will automatically connect to while you send and receive phone. Life with Skylar just keeps.

Chris Paget - Practical Cellphone Spying Its widely accepted that the cryptoscheme in GSM can be broken, but did you know that if youre within radio range of your target you can intercept.

Wireless Packet Sniffing!!! Tracking vehicle Tire Pressure Sensor data with Jared Boone and open source software defined radio. Plus, eavesdropping on Verizon CDMA phones with a hacked femtocell.

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