Stock Tevo Black Widow 60mm/second

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TEVO black widow 3D printer full review

Hi guys! Check my full build,test and review of TEVO Black Widow If you like to check this 3D printer check links below: TEVO Black Widow EU plug TEVO Black Widow US plug Use coupon 'GBBlackWidow' for discount. GearBest --- Banggood --- Aliexpress --- Amazon --- Ebay --- 3D printers parts and supplies Cheap filaments PLA filament ABS Filament Flexible filament -- Premium/special quality filaments APRINTAPRO shop PrintaFix adhesion SPRAY Heat bed mosfet module -- 3D printing surface: Sticker: Glass: BueTape: Switch for PSU Rubber Timing Belt SCS8UU-8mm-Linear-Ball-Bearing Please like and subscribe to my channel to help me making more videos. Thank you so much for your support. Best Regards Nexi Music by: Adventures by A Himitsu Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Music released by Argofox Music provided by Audio Library

TEVO Black Widow V3 REVIEW - All the details

Hi guys, This is my review of the Tevo Black Widow. This is the most recent V3 version. Check my detailed assembly videos here: Also check the community guide document here:!AnuMP-b55jichiQ_bUwGb-yIKDPs You can find more details about this printer here: MUSIC BY: Divider by Chris Zabriskie Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International— CC BY 4.0 Main Playlists: • Artists: • Genres: • Moods: Top 10 Playlists: • Happy Music • Silent Partner • Bright Music • Pop Music • Inspirational Music • Dance & Electronic Music • Cinematic Music • Top 10: Best Happy Music • Top 10: Best Bright Music • Rock Music Follow us: • Facebook • Twitter • Google +

TEVO Tarantula - TOP 4 Fanduct comparison test

Hi guys, In this video i try to test 4 different models of fanducts. I used my own test cube design ( The slicer settings are basic but the main are: Layer height = 0.15 Fan speed = 80% Print speed = 70mm/s The model with better results with these settings was the Radial Fan fang. Here are the links for the models tested: LPA fanduct V5.0 Dual Blower Single blower Radial Fan fang (winner) BullDuct Fan Music by: Desperate by Mark Redito Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Music provided by Audio Library

TEVO Black Widow Assembly Guide Part 8 - Initial Setup + First Print

Find some great deals here: GEARBEST Coupon List - This assembly guide is designed to make the assembly of the Black Widow a lot easier! Please remember to PAUSE if you need to! Hope you get your Black Widow up and running with as little problems as possible! GEARBEST 3D PRINTER SALE!! - Help support the channel by using the following affiliate links - Gearbest - Anycubic i3 Mega Deal - A great deal on the Creality CR-10 - Cheap TEVO tarantula - TEVO Black Widow - Please LIKE and COMMENT if you found these videos helpful. SUBSCRIBE if you want to see more 3D Printing Videos, How-To's, Upgrades and Reviews.

Tutorial - All About Cooling Fans - 3D Printing

This video answers some of the most common questions regarding cooling fans and 3D Printing: What are the different types of fans? What type of fan to use for what application? How do I hook up a cooling fan to my controller board? How do I enable a cooling fan in the firmware? How do I control a cooling fan in my slicer? And more.... 40mm Axial to 50mm Centrifugal Fan Adapter: The Folgertech Facebook Group / FolgerForum 2000 member contest is still in full swing! Go check it out at ! Find me on social media! I post additional content on my Facebook page everyday. Please check it out and hit the like button! Follow me on Twitter for contest/giveaway announcements, as well as new video notifications! I also like to show off sweet prints over on Instagram. If you like what I do and want to help fuel the craziness that is my YouTube channel, there are a couple of ways you can directly support new content: Buy a shirt! I've got an AWESOME 'Missouri is for Makers' T-shirt available through MerchMinion! Even if you don't live in Missouri, consider grabbing one to support the JMT channel. Support me directly through Patreon and get behind the scene looks and direct access to me. EVERY DOLLAR HELPS! Seriously. Shop at my Amazon Influencer Store. Full of 3D Printing awesomeness, replacement parts, upgrades, etc. Go grab some 3D Parts/Printers/Filament over at Matterhackers. One of the leading online retailers of 3D printing goodies, Matterhackers offers a YUUGE range of just about everything 3D printing related. Just use my affiliate link below to hop over to their site before making a purchase and you'll help me out! As always, be excellent to each other and Happy Printing! Joe Mike

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