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Nate's Favorite Deck Building Games (DBGs): Star Realms Update #2 (Frontiers Kickstarter & More)

In this episode, Nate delves into the Deck Building Game "Star Realms" for a larger update, based on the Kickstarter campaign for "Frontiers." That means this video looks at "Frontiers," the "Command Decks," "Stellar Allies," "Scenarios," the promo cards from the second year of the game, and a ton of Kickstarter promo cards from stretch goals.

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Edo's Star Realms: Frontiers Review

Star Realms: Frontiers Review Star Realms: Frontiers designed Robert Dougherty, Darwin Kastle and published by White Wizards Games is a nice, cooperative extension of the Star Realms game. How I got the Game: Free copy provided by the publisher. Please like, subscribe, and share with your friends Check out Star Realms: Frontiers on BGG: My Website: My Twitter: My Review Geeklist:

Star Realms - Basic Strategies with Strategy James

In this video I will discuss the following topics: - How to Play: 00:45 - Basic Strategies: 05:10 - Blob Cards: 05:57 - Trade Federation Cards: 07:10 - Star Empire Cards: 08:15 - Machine Cult Cards: 09:14 - Faction Combinations: 10:10 - Blob Star: 11:05 - Blob Machine: 13:15 - Trade Star: 14:56 - Trade Machine: 16:55 - Opening/Mid-game/End-game: 19:09 - Dealing with a Bad Trade Row: 20:36 If you liked this video and would like to see more basic strategies for other strategy games please hit the like button

Hero Realms: Ruins of Thandar Gameplay Runthrough

Help keep Rahdo running @ !!! And now... A video outlining gameplay for the boardgame Hero Realms: The Ruin of Thandar. For more game info, Part I: Gameplay Runthrough Part II: Final Thoughts ......

Games Off The Shelf gives you a brief overview of Star Realms: Frontiers from White Wizard Games. Star Realms: Frontiers is for 1-4 players and plays in about 20 minutes. The game also comes with 8 over-sized challenge cards that can be played solo or co-op. Check out more board game overviews at,

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