The Ultimate DUBAI FOOD TOUR - Street Food and Emirati Cuisine in Dubai, UAE!

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Palestinian Food - ARABIC FEAST in Bethlehem + Jesus Birthplace in West Bank, Palestine!

►Check out ►Subscribe - ►T-shirts - Before beginning, I want to make it clear I paid for this tour and decided to go on it myself. It is not sponsored in anyway. However, after spending time with Osama and seeing the tours and great people that are involved with I would highly recommend it. I had really wanted to visit Bethlehem, and we decided to book a tour to also visit Hebron, another one of the most religiously significant cities in the West Bank, Palestine. So we drove through the checkpoint and I could hardly believe I was in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus. After meeting up with Osama, who is an absolutely awesome guy, we started walking off through the Old City of Bethlehem. First stop was a place to get a nice view overlooking the city. Absolutely stunning and to think of the immense and important history was mind blowing. Manakish or manaeesh is an Arabic baked flatbread, sometimes covered in za’atar before being baked. We stopped at an breadshop to have a piece before heading on to the church. Church of the Nativity NOTE: Thanks to baby Micah, we were allowed to enter a side entrance to the Grotto with no queue, which saved a lot of time, sometimes you have to wait for an hour to get entrance because it’s very small. Being a Christian, this was an experience that was almost surreal and extraordinarily special for me. I will cherish that entire moment in the Grotto, a place that marks the spot where Jesus was born and where he was laid in a manger. Walled off hotel - We then took a drive over to the Walled Off Hotel, a hotel that faces the separation wall. It was eye-opening to learn more about the situation. Palestinian food home cooked - There’s no better way to eat when you travel than to have home cooked food. And so through the arrangement of Visit Palestine, we were invited to a Palestinian family home to eat an Arabic food feast that included chicken stuffed with rice and meat all baked in oven safe bags (I think). The chicken and the spices were amazing, and additionally the side dishes, including the freshly roasted almonds were the best I’ve ever had. Also, the hospitality and generosity of this family in Bethlehem truly made it memorable. It was an honor to enjoy Palestinian food in Bethlehem with a local family. Hebron Old City - We continued on to Hebron, a city about 30 minutes from Bethlehem. Again it was a fascinating and eye-opening ride. Hebron is a city known for its conflict. Ibrahimi Mosque (also known as Cave of the Patriarchs) - At the Ibrahimi mosque you can pay respect to the tombs of Abraham, Isaac, Sarah, and Leah. Again, it’s pretty surreal to visit, and it a truly special moment. Fresh juice - 5 ILS ($1.40) - We then walked around the streets of Old City Hebron, which to be honest is a little scary and unfortunately filled with tension. Even though it’s so beautiful and so ancient, it’s eerie. It was a fascinating experience to visit Palestine, eye-opening as well. But the combination of generous people I met, delicous Palestinian food at a family home, and seeing in person the place where Jesus was born and where Abraham’s tomb sits, all added up to be one of the most special and emotional days I’ve ever had in my life. Just as a note of reference: I paid $500 USD for the tour with, but they provide transportation for me and my family from Tel Aviv, and it included everything private. I also needed a private tour to be able to make a video like this. Thank you to Osama for being so cool! - MUSIC in This Video: A New Decade, Always Raining - CAMERA GEAR used to make this video (these are affiliate links): GH5: Main lens: 2nd lens: Microphone: Tripod: I would love to connect with you! Instagram: Facebook: T-shirts available now: Thank you for watching!

The Ultimate KENYAN STREET FOOD TOUR in Mombasa - Coastal East African Food, Kenya!

►Check out Farhana’s channel now: ►Subscribe for 2 new videos per week: ►T-shirts and caps available now: Mombasa is a beautiful city located in Kenya, on the east coast of Africa. It’s a melting pot of a city, full of culture and delicious food. In this video, I met up with Farhana and Samil, both from Mombasa, and both love to eat. Lighthouse - First place we headed on this Kenyan street food tour of Mombasa is along the coast called Mama Ngina drive, or Lighthouse. You’ll find an abundance of small snacks along the road with a view over the cliffs of the Indian ocean. Probably my favorite street food was the fried cassava chips, which are fried fresh, put into bags, then seasoned with salt, chili powder, and lime juice. Here are the main street food snacks we had: Coconut, heart of palm, cassava - 340 KES ($3.33) total Cassava chips Roasted and fried cassava Coconuts Sweet potato, corn, many things Next we headed into the heart of Mombasa to eat from a roadside shop selling a mixture of bhajias, fried potatoes, and fried chilies. This is legendary street food in Mombasa! When you order she puts all the fried things onto a plate and douses them in coconut chutney and hot sauce. The combination is delicious, and my favorite item was the fried chilies. Bhajia plate combo - 90 KES ($0.88) Azad Ice Cream - We then had sugarcane juice, a Mombasa Kenyan favorite. They added sugarcane, plus ginger and lime. Damascus Shawarma - 200 KES ($1.96) - One of the popular food trucks in Mombasa is Damascus shawarma. It was pretty good. Abbasi Darbar - To finish off this Kenyan food tour of Mombasa, we ended with a mega meat feast at Abbasi Darbar, a great place to fulfill all your meat needs. We ordered most of what they offer on the menu. Everything was delicious, but I think the winner for me was the spring chicken tikka. Total price - 1,900 KES ($18.64) Again, thank you for Farhana for taking me on this amazing Kenyan street food tour of Mombasa, Kenya. Be sure to check out her channel here: MUSIC: ***CAMERA GEAR*** I used to make this video (these are affiliate links): Main camera: Main lens: 2nd lens: Microphone: Drone: I would love to connect with you! Instagram: Facebook:

ماذا يأكل سكان دولة الإمارات؟ 🇦🇪🤔What do residents of the UAE eat?

حلقة جديدة من الأكل حول العالم كل جمعة... تابعوني على: إنستغرام: فيسبوك

Royal Balinese Food - AMAZING INDONESIAN FOOD at The Palace in Bali, Indonesia!

Amazing Royal Balinese food in Bali, Indonesia! SUBSCRIBE for 2 new videos per week► Special thank you to Andre► T-shirts► I have a real treat of a meal and video for you today - this I can say is one of the best meals and experiences I’ve had in a very long time - combining both the amazing culture of Bali, Indonesia, and the incredible Balinese food in one. Puri Banyuning, Bongkasa, Bali - Andre is part of a Balinese Royal family, and he invited us over to their family palace grounds. I was immediately blown away by the palace grounds, the beauty of the architecture and the lush greenery of Bali. After walking around for a while, and getting dressed in a local Balinese sarong, it was time to get started. The chef at the Palace is an insane cook, and cooks so fast and so expertly, it’s amazing to watch him. We started cooking an Indonesian food Balinese feast including some of the best Balinese dishes like sate lilit, tum ayam Balin, lawar, ares soup, and be lindung. Also part of the Royal Balinese food experience was how the food was displayed and decorated - it was nothing short of incredible to see and to eat! Thank you for watching this Indonesian food Royal Balinese video! And special thank you to Andre for arranging everything: MUSIC: Pots and Pans - ***CAMERA GEAR*** I used to make this video (these are affiliate links): Main camera: Main lens: 2nd lens: Microphone: Gorillapod: Drone: I would love to connect with you! Instagram: Facebook: T-shirts available now:

Street Food Night Market - Beauty Angel's Fruit Juice, Egg Crispy Huge Pancake, Seafood Tank

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Check out this amazing food in Dubai, UAE!
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When I was in Dubai, I had the privilege of hanging out and eating with my friend Peyman ( He’s from Dubai, he loves to eat, and he knows some of the best food spots in Dubai. So in this Dubai food tour, we went around and ate Emirati food, rice and lamb, street food, karak tea, and finally ended with home cooked Emirati food at Peyman’s home.

One thing I want to quickly mention, and Peyman and I discussed this in the video as well, is that Emirati food at restaurants is still not very common in Dubai. This is because there are so many international restaurants in Dubai, and local Emiratis typically just eat their food at home. But things are changing and there is starting to be a higher demand for Emirati food in Dubai.

Al Fanar Restaurant - One of the only full Emirati food restaurants in Dubai. We ordered Luqaimat, Tharid, Madrooba, Balaleet. All the food was fantastic, and it’s a nice environment.
Total price - 280 AED ($76.21)

Karak - 0.50 AED ($0.14) per cup - This is originally adapted from India, but it’s a full part of the culture in UAE, and you can get cups of karak tea right to your car.

Al Marhabani Restaurant - Mandi is one of the greatest Arabian food dishes, originally from Yemen. It includes rice and meat that’s traditionally cooked in an underground oven. The lamb here was outstanding.
Total price - 200 AED ($54.44)

Al Labeeb Grocery - Regag bread - This is a little gem of a shop that Peyman took me to. They make some Dubai street food style crepes with cheese and fish sauce, and it’s awesome.
Price - 6 AED ($1.63) each

Machboos - Finally at Peyman’s house for dinner, he cooked machboos, one of the national dishes of UAE. It was a great way to end this Dubai food tour!

Thank you for watching this Dubai food tour!


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