2017 JAC iEV6E Electric Hatchback Is Finally Ready

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2017 Zhi Dou D2 EV Interior and Exterior Overview

The funky Zhi Dou D2 electric car has been launched on the Chinese auto market. Price including all green-car subsidies is 49.800 yuan ($8018). The total subsidy of the D2 is an astonishing 109.000 yuan ($17.550), made up of various incentives by the central and by local governments. The Zhi Dou D2, also known as the ‘ZD D2’, is manufactured by a company called Zhi Dou Electric Vehicle Corporation (web), a subsidiary of the Xindayang Group (web). The company also makes a variant of the D2 for Zotye Automotive, where it is called the Zotye E20. A touch screen infotainment system for telephone, navigation, television, the internet, music, and a radio. The D2 comes with an in-build wifi hot spot for connectivity in and around the vehicle. The D2 is furthermore equipped with a surprisingly advanced ‘Advanced Driver Assistance System‘ (ADAS), than includes a lane-departure warning system, an anti-collision warning system, and a camera system that keeps a constant eye on the driver, setting off a warning if the system thinks the driver is tired or distracted. A shipload of tech for the money! The Zhi Dou D2 is a full-fledged electric car, not an LSEV, and is allowed to hit the highway. The electric motor has an output of 24hp and 82nm. Top speed is claimed to be 88 kilometer per hour, but the Zotye E20 with the same motor has a claimed top speed of 80. At the launch ZD claimed a range of 180 kilometer, but on their website they say (scroll down) that range is 120, which is consistent with the range of the Zotye E20. Battery is a 15.12 kWh lithium-ion. Charging takes 6-7 hours fir a full charge on 220V. Size: 2765/1540/1555, wheelbase is 1765 and curb weight is 670 kilo.


JAC Motors Promotional Video 2018

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2017 Baojun E100 LSEV

https://cleantechnica.com/2018/02/13/baojun-e100-ev-availability-continuing-expand-price-now-7300-doesnt-gm-offer-something-similar-us/ https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/916841/general-motors-GM-5000-electric-car-Baojun-E100-China

2018 JAC iEVA50 Electric Car Full Car Overview

JAC New Energy will release 5 new NEV models in 2018 and set an annual sales target of 50,000 NEVs. In 2017, JAC New Energy delivered 28,300-unit pure electric vehicles, soaring 53.86% over previous year. With an annual sales target of 50,000 units, the YoY sales growth is expected to reach 77% in 2018. Among the five new NEV models, the JAC iEVA50 is the first to-be-released NEV model, which will hit the market in March this year. Based on the JAC Heyue, the new model will have a maximum range of 400km. The second to-be-released model, the JAC iEV6ES is expected to be launched in April. The iEV7S with a range of 300km is likely to be released in June, while the iEV7 with a longer range may hit the market in September. Moreover, the JAC iEVA60 will be introduced into the market in December. The JAC iEVA50 features an irregular intake grille with blue trims around it. It also features a sharp front bumper, paired with triangular LED daytime running lamps on both sides. With a sporty rear end, smooth side lines and chrome trims in the middle of tail lights, the model boasts a high recognition. Adopting pure electric powertrains, which is composed with an electric motor dubbed TZ220XSJH9 and a ternary lithium battery pack. Among them, the electric motor has a maximum power output of 110kW, delivering highest speed of 150km/h. The iEV7T will offer family version, commercial version and business version after it is launched. Among them, the family version will have a range of 320km, the commercial version 300km and business version 400km.

This is the production version of the JAC iEV6E, a small electric car for China. The iEV6E, such an easy name to remember and pronounce, has been delayed. It debuted last April and in August JAC said it would launch in September. It is March 2017 now. The production version is scheduled to hit the market next month during the Shanghai Auto Show.
The iEV6E, such an easy name to pronounce and remember, is based on the JAC YueYue. It will soon receive a small facelift which will include the new JAC logo and a new bumper similar to the one on the iEV6E. Price of the YueYue starts at 38.800 yuan and ends at 41.800 yuan. Lone engine is a 68hp 1.0.

The iEV6E, love that name, so easy to say, will be powered by an electric motor with 80 horses, good for a 102 km/h top speed. No other specs available at the moment, but last year JAC said range was 152 kilometers, which is all right but not very impressive for a small 2017 EV. Most competitors are edging closer to the 200.

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