2017 JAC iEV6E Electric Hatchback Is Finally Ready

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Тест-драйв инновационного электромобиля, кроссовера JAC 7

Григорий Карпусь, ведущий автомобильного "КГБ Шоу", по просьбе "КОНТРОЛ лизинг" провел тест-драйв новейшего кроссовера JAC 7. JAC 7 - эффектный электромобиль, уже предложен клиентам "КОНТРОЛ" в Казахстане. В РФ пока проходит сертификацию. В видео-обзоре Григорий подробно разбирает все достоинства автомобиля. Смотрите первыми и оставляйте комментарии о новинке! Приобрести любой автомобиль в лизинг легко и просто можно на www.ctrl.lc

FOMM on the water

This video is about FOMM on the water

Are There Any Good CHINESE CARS?

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This is the production version of the JAC iEV6E, a small electric car for China. The iEV6E, such an easy name to remember and pronounce, has been delayed. It debuted last April and in August JAC said it would launch in September. It is March 2017 now. The production version is scheduled to hit the market next month during the Shanghai Auto Show.
The iEV6E, such an easy name to pronounce and remember, is based on the JAC YueYue. It will soon receive a small facelift which will include the new JAC logo and a new bumper similar to the one on the iEV6E. Price of the YueYue starts at 38.800 yuan and ends at 41.800 yuan. Lone engine is a 68hp 1.0.

The iEV6E, love that name, so easy to say, will be powered by an electric motor with 80 horses, good for a 102 km/h top speed. No other specs available at the moment, but last year JAC said range was 152 kilometers, which is all right but not very impressive for a small 2017 EV. Most competitors are edging closer to the 200.

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