Project Goals and Objectives

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Project Plan: Goals and Objectives, Organization

This video outlines the goals and objectives of the Project Plan. Ed March, Co-Director of the MEM Program at Dartmouth, presents the Project Plan organization, components, team goals and objectives, and secondary goals.

2.3 Project Objectives, TQC, SMART Objectives

This video is about 2.3(21-37) For project management simulations specifically aimed at students of project management, visit

Setting SMART Goals - Ed Muzio explains the SMART criteria for setting actionable goals. Are your business goals Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound? If so, you're a lot more likely to accomplish them. If you're a leader, manager, supervisor, or project manager, make sure you understand and follow the SMART acronym for goal setting. Your employees' output - and your own - will be much better off!

Project Scope: Defining Objectives — Episode 12

Defining scope is your most important initial deliverable as a project manager. The project objective is one of the first things you should define when developing a project scope. In Episode 12 you'll learn how to define specific realistic objectives for success! Learn more about effective project management on our website: Watch the others Episodes of "Project Management Made Easy" Course: Episode 13 "Project Scope: Defining Deliverables" Episode 11 "Client Management: Keep Your Clients Up to Date" FREE Project Management eBOOK for new project managers. DOWNLOAD HERE: Check out our project management Blog to learn more about the impact of planning on project success:

Goals, Objectives, Strategies & Tactics: What's the difference?

With a clear understanding of what each of these words mean, you'll be able to write more accurate and articulate program plans and proposals.

This extract from my popular Practical Project Management seminar shows me talking about the distinction between project goals and objectives - both vitally important in defining your project from the outset. These are fully described in my books, "Brilliant Project Leader" and, from a perspective of pre-empting project risks, "Risk Happens!"

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