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Painting Tiny Canvases

Time lapse of 3 easy mini canvas acrylic paintings! See how I paint a beach, night sky and tree. Learn how to use different brush techniques to achieve realistic ocean and stars. I post time lapse videos of my artwork every Sunday so subscribe for art videos. BUY MY ARTWORK SOCIAL MEDIA: MUSIC Despite the Traffic and Modus Operandi- Wes Hutchinson

Aurora Sky Canvas Painting | artbybee7 |

Hello and welcome back! I hope you enjoy this video of the aurora lights in a dreamy sky, painted on a small 4x4'' canvas. YOU CAN NOW DOWNLOAD DIGITAL PRINTS in my Etsy Store!! Search Artbybee7Shop or click this link here: CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram: @artbybee7 Bullet Journal IG: @missbee_7 Snapchat: missbee_7 Business Inquires: MUSIC: Malik Bash 'Ghosts' Supplied by NoCopytightSounds PLEASE DO NOT STEAL, REUPLOAD OR COPY MY VIDEOS

Blue Nights - Marsupial Pudding - Acrylic on Canvas

This and many other small night sky paintings will be a perk in this year's Project For Awesome, so I hope you'll participate and help us all raise money for a cause. Together we can make a difference and work to decrease world suck! Become A Patron: This video brought to you by my wonderful patrons! Special shout out to: Cody Shuttleworth Shana Makos Matty Kerr Karl Keefer Dylan Field Genevieve Swords Katie Wigglesworth Find my links at Music: Glass Pyramids by Ernest Gonzales Check him out on Spotify and iTunes!

10 Acrylic Painting Tips for Beginners

Hello there! I have been dabbling with paint for a while but this semester I took my first painting class. It is so crazy because I have taken a bunch of drawing classes but never a class that focused on how to paint. In this video I'm sharing the tips I have learned so far from working with acrylics! These are pretty basic tips but these are things that have been really helping me out and I think they will help you if you are a beginner too. Here are my Tips: 1. Buy Basic Canvases: I like using canvas boards because it encourages me to go for and practice. I don't feel like I have to make everything perfect because I didn't spend a bunch of money on supplies. Also they are WAYYYYY easier to store in your home. 2. Create more: It's better to explore and experiment when you are first learning how to work with paint then trying to make everything look perfect right away. As writers like to say: write for the trash can! You are going to learn more and improve quicker by being less timid and more open. So go paint some train wrecks and you will eventually paint a masterpiece. 3. Try painting without Drawing First: I feel like you might come after me with torches and pitchforks for saying this but... maybe give it a try? I know how you feel I am SO much more use to drawing then painting but just learning how to work with my brushstrokes at this point has helped me prevent making my work look too stiff. 4. Use a Bigger brush: I know you little pencil artists out there like me just want to use a fine tip to get in all those little details... But if you start your paintings this way, it is a PAAAIIIN. Also working with a bigger brush to start helps you create more movement and brushstrokes. (also saves you from ripping out hair) 5. Use the Rule of thirds: Now you don't always have to do this but it does make the composition more interesting to look at. If my explanation didn't make sense, here is another example: 6. Buy Small Paint Tubes: Now I know you are going to think I've lost my mind on this one but these little mini tubes have gotten me through SEVERAL assignments on my class. I did not think this was possible AT ALL. Paint adds up quickly, use these little tubes to test out what brand works best for you. 7. Use a gel medium: I LOVE this stuff. I have had it in my art collection for a WHILE but I never really used it. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! It makes everything glide much easier and it keeps the paint wet. For only $2 it is a bargain. I wouldn't recommend using this stuff for the first layer, wait till your 3rd layer. It makes the paint less opaque. 8. Use a Heavy Matte Medium: Yes girl! If you have always wanted to add some texture to your paint, here you go. You mix this stuff with your paint and it makes it stand out on your canvas. 9. Mix compliments: I use to HATE. I mean HAAAATTTE complimentary colors... so much. They just looked so repulsive and ugly to me. But when you mix them together, they neutralize eachother put and create these useful neutrals. These neutrals are great for so many things: shadows, skin. Basically anything you are painting from life. 10. Be bold and experiment with mixing colors: When you are first starting mixing colors is super intimidating. However, you got to give it a shot. Mix colors you would NEVER think of mixing together. You might surprise yourself. Those are the tips I have for you guys! I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did you can show your support by commenting and liking. I always appreciate hearing from you. Happy Painting! xo Heather

Small Canvas Painting | Pink Galaxy Forest | artbybee7 |

Hey lovelies, welcome back, today's painting is a neat little piece featuring dark forest trees amongst a pink galaxy background :) Thanks to my great friend for the music, Life on Delay :D This one is called 'Pins and Needles' Find his awesome tunes here: CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram: @artbybee7 Bullet Journal IG: @missbee_7 Snapchat: missbee_7 Business Inquires: **PLEASE DO NOT STEAL, REUPLOAD OR COPY MY VIDEOS**

Welcome back to my channel! Today's painting is a small forest galaxy scene painted on Monte Marte Canvas. Also, I am LOVING the music by Teknoaxe!

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