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Miss World 2014 - Lifetime Beauty with a Purpose Award - Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Former beauty queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan received the Most Successful Miss World award in London. Her husband - Abhishek, daughter Aaradhya and mother Vrunda Rai were also present to receive this honour. The Bachchan bahu was a very special guest at the 64th edition of Miss World Finale 2014. She received this award for her Outstanding contribution in Beauty with Purpose.

Bollywood Couples At Sonam Kapoor Wedding Reception

Bollywood Couples At Sonam Kapoor Wedding Reception Visit for latest breaking news and top stories across politics, world affairs, entertainment, sport, innovation, travel, food and life in one easy- to- navigate package. Subscribe us at:

TOP 5 MOST BEAUTIFUL MISS WORLD WINNERS || Priyanka Chopra to Manushi chhillar

Its about miss world TOP 5 MOST BEAUTIFUL WINNERS in the history of miss miss world .

तो इसलिए गोद ली गई थी सलमान की बहन अर्पिता, सच्चाई उड़ा दे...

तो इसलिए गोद ली गई थी सलमान की बहन अर्पिता, सच्चाई उड़ा देगी आपके होश So, it was adopted Salman's sister Arpita, the truth will blow your senses. If Bollywood's Dabangg Khan calls 'Salman' a 'brother' then his mercury goes to the seventh heaven. As if they would break the mouth of the speakers. But if this girl speaks of her brother, then she is ready to loot all her happiness. You must be thinking, who is this girl? Actually we are talking about Salman Khan's sister Arpita Khan's Whether a Bollywood party or an award function Film promotion or family celebration. Arpita's presence is a center of attraction in the Khan family. But you would be surprised to know that Arpita was adopted by the Khan family. It is another matter that the love for Arpita of the Khan family is exactly like if she is her real daughter. Well, why did Salim Khan adopt Arpita after having three sons (Salman, Arbaaz, Sohail) and a daughter Alvira? There are many reasons for this. Today we will tell you some similar things. Then what's the matter late? Let's know the whole thing. Born August 1, 1989, Arpita Bollywood script writer Salim Khan's Biological Daughter is not meant to mean Saggy Daughter. Despite this, he is considered to be an important member of Khan family. It is said that Arpita was adopted by Salman Khan's parents Salim Khan and Salma Khan. But besides this, there are many stories in the media about Arpita's adoption. Salman Khan's father Salim Khan and mother Salma often used to visit the morning walk and used to donate something to the poor sitting on the sidewalk. One of those poor people was also the mother of Arpita. According to the news, in those days when Salim and Salma were passing through the pavement, they saw that after the birth of their daughter Arpita, that poor woman (mother of Arpita) died. Salim and Salma's heart got exhausted as the innocent lying on the sidewalk in such condition. They brought him to his house with him. Later, both of them decided to make that innocent child a part of their family. It was the arpita itself. It is also read in many places that Salim Khan's second wife, Helen, had taken the appointment of Arpita. Later that girl of orphanage became part of the Khan family. Let us tell you Arpita is not only Salman's wife. Salman's mother, Salma Khan, loves her real daughter Alvira as much as she loves Arpita. In 2014 Arpita had a star tattoo on her wrist. This includes all the members of his family including father Salim, mother Salma and Helen, brothers Salman, Arbaaz, Sohail, sister Alwira and friend initiation. The news of Arpita and Arjun Kapoor's affair was under wraps when Arjun did not even start his career in Bollywood. For two years, his relationship has been in great discussion. After that they were broken. The reason for the breakup was not revealed. Then he met the businessman of Delhi Ayush Sharma. Arpita sat down on her heart AYUSH belongs to Delhi's Royal Family. Arpita married her for a long time after making a date. This marriage of Arpita and Ayush is counted among the most expensive weddings in B town. It was Arpita's desire that her marriage would be like a princess in the palace. For this, brother Salman married him at Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad. Now the happy family of Khan family, with Arpita, Ayush, is happily spending their married life. In March 2016, a son of Aahil has also become a mother. Well, the story of Salman's sister-in-law is no less than the story of a movie. Subscribe Us for Latest News & Updates ► Stay Connected with Us : Blogger ► Twitter ► Google +►

इस वजह से काजोल ने सिर्फ़ 25 वर्ष की उम्र में की थी अजय देवगन ...

इस वजह से काजोल ने सिर्फ़ 25 वर्ष की उम्र में की थी अजय देवगन से शादी, वजह जान कर चौंक जाएंगे Why Kajol married Ajay Devgan: Often discussions about the relationship between stars in Bollywood are discussed. Like the common world, relationships also have considerable importance in the world of Bollywood's brutalized world. There are many such pairs here whose examples are given, one of these are Kajol and Ajay Devgan. Let's tell you that both Bollywood stars have been married for 19 years. According to the information received, both of them have gone to Betya Nyasa with son era to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Let us know for details that Ajay and Kajol's daughter, Nyasa are studying in Singapore and she can not come to India from time to time. That is why Ajay Devgan's entire family has gone to Singapore to meet him and celebrate his wedding anniversary. Tell you Ajay Devgan and Kajol got married on February 24, 1999, 19 years ago. Kajol was then 25 years old. Kajol was married to Ajay Devgan when his film career was at the height. Why did Kajol finally do this? He gave an answer during an interview. In the interview Kajol said that the reason for Ajay Devgan marrying that time was that he wanted a little stay in his life and career, that is why he got married. Kajol had told in interview that he was 9 years old when working in films. There was an offer to work in 4-5 films every year. Kajol told that he had everything, money, fame and success, but I did not have the time for myself. This was the best time to take a big decision. At the same time, I had spread that I will now get married and work in a film for a maximum of one year. In one interview, Kajol had told that when he was giving the first shot in Ajay with the film, he knew that this man is going to play a key role in his life. However, there was no relation between Ajay and Kajol at that time. Both lived together just like friends. At that time, Kajol used to consult Ajay Devgan about his relationship and love life. The first meeting of both of them was on the set of the film. The first two were friends. When Kajol met Ajay Devgan, he had seen that Ajay Devgan likes to sit alone on one side. Ajay did not talk too much At that time, Kajol seemed to be wondering how such a thing might be that no one would talk. But when Kajol started talking to Ajay gradually, both of them got together. After this film, both worked together in several hit films. Both of them got married in time, and finally they got married in 1999. Marriage was done by Maharashtrian way in Devgan House. Today, both of them are considered to be one of Bollywood's best pairs. Subscribe Us for Latest News & Updates ► Stay Connected with Us : Follow Us On Facebook ► Follow Us On Twitter ► Follow Us On Google plus ► Hind NEWS you the real face of every information at one click! Latest news from India and the world, politics and nation, entertainment, sports and science. Witness the panoramic vision of the state on every aspect you can think of! It is easy for every person to watch the news in form of video rather than reading every sentance.. So, Friends Please Watch , Like , Share & Subscribe Hind NEWS Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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