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Desi Rose Tips And Care (HINDI/URDU). //देशी गुलाब कैसे लगाए // All About Desi Rose And Uses .

How TO CARE DESI ROSE ,USE OF DESI ROSE. देशी गुलाब की देखभाल कैसे करें i دیشی گلاب کا خیال رکھنا Cómo cuidar deshi subió. TIPS AND CARE:--- ------------------------------------------ desi gulab and the health benefits----- --The petals of the Indian rose--also commonly known as desi gulab--have many hidden health benefits. Learn what it can do for you!--- The Indian Rose: Uses & How to Grow--- The Indian Rose is a delight not only to look at, but also for our skin, mind & body. Read how to grow roses, and also find out recipes for gulkand & rose water! The Rose is a woody perennial, with over 100 species – most are native to Asia. In this article, we’ll be discussing the Indian Rose or the Desi Gulab – also called the Rosa damascena. While is an ornamental plant, it has commercial uses too as the roses are used in ayurveda, in cosmetics and in making attar (perfume), ark (rose essence) & rose water. How to grow & look after---- Rose bushes are commonly available in nurseries. Roses love the sun and they need at least 4-5 hours of good sun daily. To plant a rose bush, dig ½ to 1 foot, fill with an equal mix of soil, dry cow dung & coconut husk. Ensure all the root is well below the soil. Don’t cramp your bushes together; they like their space. Use big containers in case you’re not planting them in the ground and ensure good drainage. Don’t overwater; try and water them in the morning so they are dry by nightfall. Remove withered or browned leaved immediately; don’t wait for them to drop off. Roses are prone to aphids, but nothing that a spray of ½ teaspoon dishwashing liquid to one litre of water can’t handle. Check out our Organic Pesticides page for details! Uses------ Desi roses are small – 2-3 inches across, and have a delicate smell that stays for a long time. They are cultivated commercially to be used in the ayurvedic & cosmetic industry and to make pot pouri and gulkand. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MUSIC--- Fantasy by Del Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) Music provided by Audio Library ................................................................................... also visit my friends channel..URBAN GARDENER.... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THANKS FOR WATCHING ... Terrace Garden terracegarden

Difference in English Rose & Desi Rose | Planting Roses in Pots | Nursery Visit (Urdu/hindi)

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Rose care in summer

in this video i will tell you how to care rose plants in summer season rose plant care tips fertilizer for rose plant rose caring tips rose plant care in a pots دیکھ بھال کی تجاویز گلابgullarni parvarish qilish bo'yicha maslahatlar mẹo chăm sóc tăng awgrymiadau gofal rhosyn iziphakamiso zokunyamekela רויז זאָרגן עצות awọn italologo abojuto rose care tips اٿي خيال جي صلاحون රෝස උපස්ථරාවන් tipy na starostlivosť o ruže roza nasveti za nego kor u qaadey talooyin daryeel consejos para el cuidado de rosas rose tips perawatan ilipendekeza vidokezo rostvårdstips маслиҳатҳои ғамхорӣ ரோஜா பராமரிப்பு குறிப்புகள்గులాబీ సంరక్షణ చిట్కాలు rozen verzorgingstips conseils de soins de rose rozensoarch tips consellos de coidados de rosa Rosenpflegetipps ગુલાબ સંભાળ ટિપ્સ tips perawatan mawar consigli per la cura della rosaറോസ് കെയർ ടിപ്പുകൾ how to grow rose plants in pots at home in india rose care in summer in india Container Gardening Tips

How to care for Rose Plant (Hindi)

In this video I will tell you about how I care for my rose plant. Fertilizer I use and recommend : Mustard cake Used tea leaves Cow dung compost This is a desi rose plant and has very fragrant flowers This plant loves acidic soil. Keep this plant in full sunlight. Regular spray of pesticide is recommended. Subscribe to my channel for more videos : Watch my video on button rose : Thanks.

How to get more flowers on roses plants in summer 2018 Tips in hindi urdu english

In this video I will tell you how we take care of rose’s plants And how we get more flowers after one after only just maintaining following tips During the hot summer months, it can be difficult to keep the plants in your garden healthy, hydrated, and strong. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your plants cool and properly hydrated. When the sun's beaming down, protect your garden by providing adequate moisture and shade. 1) Inspection the rose plant every week Remove sucker and runner from the base of rose plants because these rose sucker suck the rose energy like necessary nutrient that helps to rose plant to grow and blooming more. Sucker up roots with its roots 2) We should prune rose plant time to time .remove all dead head of roses stem on time. 3) Maintain proper watering Don’t give over watering in winter to rose plants and don’t give less watering in summer. During those hot summer months, it’s best to water your plants/garden in the early morning before the sun starts beating down. If you can’t water your plants in the morning, the early evening is another good time to water. Your plants only really need to be watered if the soil is dry. To prevent overwatering, touch the soil to make sure it’s dry before you decide to water the garden. 4) Spray neem oil and any insecticide after every 15 days to avoid insects and daises You can grow marry gold and garlic side by side with rose to avoid many insects and daises. 5) Give proper fertilizer organic (egg shell ,cow dung ,leave compost, vermi compost, banana peel compost) or chemically (NPK) that easily available in your area.( recommended give fertilizer in every month except of hard season like winter peak and summer peak ) 6) Sunlight 1) Give at least 3 to 4 hours sunlight in winter and 2) 2 to 3 hours of morning sunlight in summer and can place in semi shade. In summer you can add mulching of coco peat or dry leaves or dried grass or Wood mulch to save moist of soil for longer time and also you can place your plants under the shade of longer plants.we can use pebbles for mulching . install green poly net for shade . गर्मियों में फूलों के फूलों पर अधिक फूल कैसे प्राप्त करें 2018 हिंदी में टिप्स, How to get more flowers on roses plants in summer 2018 Tips in hindi urdu, top roof gardening how to take care of rose plants Please subscribe my channel

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