Painting a copy of Lady with an Ermine

author Theo Prinssen   6 год. назад

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Landscape oil painting in just 18 minutes wet on wet

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Mona Lisa IS Leonardo da Vinci

Mona Lisa and one of DaVinci's Self Portraits or of the same person. Watch the video's overlay of the two portraits and see how amazingly they line up! The fit is way beyond a mere coincidence. So, why is the Self Portrait flipped horizontally? One reasonable explanation is that it is a copy of the painting made through the use of a Camera Obscura, which would have turned the painting upside down and backwards. So, maybe it's not really a Self Portrait at all! Well....ok... unless Mona Lisa is also a Self Portrait! The only differences between the two is that in the Self Portrait the facial features have changed in the same way they would with age- nose is longer, eyelids are droopier, etc. I think it was DaVinci's little private joke.

Dipingendo "Cena di Emmaus", copia da Caravaggio (M. Tizzano) Painting "Supper in Emmaus".mov

Dalla costruzione della tela al dipinto in cornice: il video mostra le diverse fasi di realizzazione della copia di uno dei più grandi capolavori del Maestro da Caravaggio. Copia di Massimo Tizzano. Per la lettura dell'opera andate al mio blog: Prossimamente la pubblicazione delle fasi d'opera della Vergine delle rocce di Leonardo. From the construction of the stretcher to the painting in frame: the video shows the different stages of completion the copy of one of the greatest masterpieces of the Master by Caravaggio. To know more about the painting you can visit my blog:

Walking around the amazing alleys of Dafen art village, China

유화그리는 과정 동영상

유화그리는 과정을 촬영한 동영상입니다. 화방넷에서 주최로 제작한 동영상으로 유화에 관심이 있으신 분들께 도움이 될 수 있습니다. 하나부터 열까지 캔졸을 바르는 과정부터 완성된 작품을 보관하는 방법까지 유화 전문화가 분의 노우하우가 담겨있습니다.

Ruud Krijnen schildert een kopie van Dame met de Hermelijn ( Leonardo da Vinci).

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