Painting a copy of Lady with an Ermine

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How to paint oil painting. Art by Vladimir Volegov

Workshop - Instagram - Facebook - My web: - Order print on canvas: DVD instructional video: Book: In this video I'm creating oil painting. It is good practice for you to see all process of creation oil painting, you will learn how to paint oil painting #Volegov #Art #Painting

Painting Exercise. Cesar Santos vlog 055

It is a great exercise to do a Master copy and, at the same time, work on your own painting applying what you just learned. Watch me develop two paintings while I explain the process. Follow me: on Instagram - on Twitter - on Facebook - Check out my art - Experience how I paint the human figure. I explain every thought of the process, and you will see me apply every mark on the canvas in my latest video: To see me in action painting a portrait of my wife from start to finish, while sharing my thought process in almost 20 hrs of instruction, click the link below: Witness my whole process of drawing the figure, from the construct stage to the final layers of rendering. You will hear my every thought and see every mark of charcoal on the paper. Stillman & Birn Sketchbooks: Beta Series: Alpha Series: Nova Series: Nova Series: Gamma Series: Delta Series: Epsilon Series: and you can find more series and style on: Materials: Thickened Linseed Oil W&N: Fixative: PanPastel Assorted knives with soft covers: PanPastel Drawing Set: Black Mirror: Carbon Pencil: The Palette: Titanium White (Winsor and Newton): Titanium White Griffin Alkyd (Winsor and Newton): Light Red (Winsor and Newton): Yellow Ochre Pale (Winsor and Newton): Raw Umber (Winsor and Newton): Cadmium Red (Winsor and Newton): Ultramarine Blue (Old Holland): Terre Verte (Winsor and Newton): Mars Brown (Old Holland): Indian Red (Winsor and Newton): Ivory Black (Winsor and Newton): Video gear, lighting and other useful links: Camera: Canon lens: Sigma lens for Canon: Another Sigma Lens for Canon: Canon Zoom Lens: Mic: Tripod: JOBI gorilla pod: Lights: Bulbs: Disclaimer: some of the links above are affiliate links Music Intro by Punk Rock Opera

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How To Paint Like An Old Master

Learn how to create your own Van Dyck-inspired portrait with Ann Witheridge, artist and founder of London Fine Art Studios, in our step-by-step video guide. Learn more about London Fine Art Studios here:

Eksters dollen met hermelijn

Een hermelijn gaat helemaal loos

Ruud Krijnen schildert een kopie van Dame met de Hermelijn ( Leonardo da Vinci).

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