Theodore Robinson: A collection of 202 paintings (HD)

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Gaston La Touche: A collection of 116 works (HD)

Gaston La Touche: A collection of 116 works (HD) Description: "Gaston La Touche, a self-taught artist, became a famous and successful French painter and printmaker. From childhood he was determined to be a painter and was supported in this ambition by his well-to-do parents. He admired Zola and provided drypoint illustrations for his novel L'Assommoir (1879). His first paintings (1880s) were domestic scenes in the style of the Dutch 17th century. They were vigorous, harsh and sombre and met with no success: he burnt most of them in 1891. The influence of his friend Felix Bracquemond prompted him to discard his early style and to use the colours favoured by the Impressionists; his brushwork is characterized by small, petal-like strokes of colour. In 1890 he showed Phlox and Peonies (untraced), both colourful scenes of women, children and flowers, at the Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts, which brought him immediate success. His fetes galantes and singeries recall French 18th-century art, and he also specialized in Breton subjects, such as Pardon in Brittany (1896; Chicago, IL, Art Institute). He was elected a member of the Societe National des Beaux Arts in 1890, having already been a member of the Societaire des Artistes Francais since 1883. He received numerous medals at these societies, as well as at the Exposition Universelles in 1889 and 1900. After receiving the Legion d'honneur in 1900 (he was later awarded the great honour of being elected an ‘officer’ of this select band), La Touche was given several official commissions for large-scale decorative schemes. These included four views of fetes at Versailles (never installed) for the Palais d'Elysee (1906; Paris, Pal. Luxembourg), four decorative panels showing landscapes with figures (untraced) for the Ministere de l'Agriculture, four pictures representing the arts (never installed) for the Ministere de la Justice (exhibited Salon 1910; Paris, Pompidou) and decorations for the dining room of the liner La France (executed 1912; destroyed in the 1930s). Glowing colours and broad brushstrokes characterize these large canvases, reminiscent of the work of such 18th-century artists as Hubert Robert and Jean-Honore Fragonard. In 1908 La Touche exhibited over 300 works at the Galerie Georges Petit in Paris. He painted murals, c. 1910, for the house of the dramatist Edmond Rostand at Cambo, Pyrenees-Atlantiques. His paintings are represented in many important collections, including the Museums of Alencon, Le Mans, and most importantly the Museum of Modern Art in Paris." --- MUSIC: Kevin MacLeod - Meditation Impromptu 01 Meditation Impromptu 01 by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: SUBSCRIBE: Facebook: Google+: Contact: SUPPORT MY WORK AT: (By donating at least 50$ you'll have acces to all artworks (JPEG files) collection already posted on this channel!) LIST OF ARTISTS already posted on LearnFromMasters: --- Thank you so much for your support!

DipintoDiNuovo - Restauro completo di un dipinto su tela

Fasi esecutive del restauro di un dipinto ad olio su tela 2013 .............................................................................................................. Hey there! Hi People! We're in 2017 now , how many people have seen this video in this years ! How many comment , how many compliments, how many judjment and...verdict. And thank you all to have enjoyed my video and my restoration ! I leave everyone to express what they think and I'm sorry I will not respond to all. I just say here that this was one of my first work done only by myself, one of my first very difficult restoration of oil paint on canvas . Well, yes maybe is not perfect, now after 4 years I'm sure I would do differently choises about this work . Everyone evolving their self and they're knowledge a long the way , and this is possible only whit esperiences , practice and hard work . I'm a restorer I love so much my work , and I will always practice for do always better than before. If you're courious to see how I improved my technique in this years ..well you're welcome in my site and website . Love, Emma Link:

The 100 Best Paintings by Painters posted in 2016 | LearnFromMasters (HD)

The 100 Best Paintings by Painters posted in 2016 | LearnFromMasters (HD) Description: This is a retrospection of my activity last year, it represent 100 best paintings by painters i ever posted in 2016. --- SUBSCRIBE: Facebook: Google+: Contact: --- Thanks for all support, and Happy New Year!

Firmin Baes: A collection of 88 works (HD)

Firmin Baes: A collection of 88 works (HD) Description: "Firmin Baes was a painter, pastellist and illustrator of great merit, born in Brussels in April 1874. He was the pupil of his father, the artist and architect Henri Baes, and also of the important Belgian artist Leon Frederic. Firmin painted genre scenes and figure studies, and was a specialist at pastel. Indeed, his pastels are his most popular and sought after works and have reached exceptionally high prices at auction. For example, his pastel “Centre of Attention” fetched approximately £50,000 at auction in New York in 1995, and his Portrait of Mrs Brandt-Witlocks sold for about £44,000 in Amsterdam in 1997. He is renowned for superb technical facility and also a great use of colour. Patrick Berko notes of Baes in his Dictionary of Belgian Painters: “Where Baes shows his superiority is not so much in his amazing scientific technique but in his very real sense of decoration. One is often astounded at the skill of his composition and his layout. Firmin Baes is a virtuoso of the pastel.” In Brussels Museum there is a pastel by him entitled ‘Maternity’." --- SUBSCRIBE: Facebook: Google+: Contact: SUPPORT MY WORK AT: (By donating at least 50$ you'll have acces to all artworks (JPEG files) collection already posted on this channel!) LIST OF ARTISTS already posted on LearnFromMasters: --- Thank you so much for your support!

Pablo Picasso: A collection of 855 works (HD)

Pablo Picasso: A collection of 855 works (HD) Description: "Pablo Picasso was the most dominant and influential artist of the first half of the twentieth century. Associated most of all with pioneering Cubism, alongside Georges Braque, he also invented collage and made major contributions to Symbolism and Surrealism. He saw himself above all as a painter, yet his sculpture was greatly influential, and he also explored areas as diverse as printmaking and ceramics. Finally, he was a famously charismatic personality; his many relationships with women not only filtered into his art but also may have directed its course, and his behavior has come to embody that of the bohemian modern artist in the popular imagination. It was a confluence of influences - from Paul Cézanne and Henri Rousseau, to archaic and tribal art - that encouraged Picasso to lend his figures more structure and ultimately set him on the path towards Cubism, in which he deconstructed the conventions of perspective that had dominated painting since the Renaissance. These innovations would have far-reaching consequences for practically all of modern art, revolutionizing attitudes to the depiction of form in space. Picasso's immersion in Cubism also eventually led him to the invention of collage, in which he abandoned the idea of the picture as a window on objects in the world, and began to conceive of it merely as an arrangement of signs that used different, sometimes metaphorical means, to refer to those objects. This too would prove hugely influential for decades to come. Picasso had an eclectic attitude to style, and although, at any one time, his work was usually characterized by a single dominant approach, he often moved interchangeably between different styles - sometimes even in the same artwork. His encounter with Surrealism, although never transforming his work entirely, encouraged not only the soft forms and tender eroticism of portraits of his mistress Marie-Therese Walter, but also the starkly angular imagery of Guernica (1937), the century's most famous anti-war painting. Picasso was always eager to place himself in history, and some of his greatest works, such as Les Demoiselles d'Avignon (1907), refer to a wealth of past precedents - even while overturning them. As he matured he became only more conscious of assuring his legacy, and his late work is characterized by a frank dialogue with Old Masters such as Ingres, Velazquez, Goya, and Rembrandt." --- SUBSCRIBE: Facebook: Google+: Contact: --- Thanks for all support!

Theodore Robinson: A collection of 202 paintings (HD)

Description: "Long considered the first American impressionist, Theodore Robinson was born in Irasburg, Vermont, but spent most of his childhood in the rural Midwest, predominantly Wisconsin. Robinson’s formal art education began at the Art Institute of Chicago (1869–1870) and continued at the National Academy of Design in New York (1874–1876), where he was one of the founders of the Art Students League. In 1876 he journeyed to Paris and entered the atelier of the academician Carolus-Duran but later moved to the École des Beaux-Arts to study with Jean-Léon Gérôme. In the fall of 1879, Robinson moved to Venice; here he was befriended by American expatriate artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler, who had a great influence on him. Robinson returned to the United States in December of that year and began to work as a mural painter for public and private buildings in New York and Boston. By spring 1884 Robinson had earned enough money to return to France. With Paris as his home base, Robinson was able to travel to surrounding artistic sites including Barbizon and Dieppe, and to go to Holland. In 1887 he began his sojourns in Giverny, a village on the Seine where Claude Monet had established his home and studio, and he returned to that village every spring and summer for the next five years.

Although Monet generally avoided the many foreign artists who came to Giverny, he and Robinson became close friends. Like Monet, Robinson painted figure compositions and landscapes and also explored the concept of sequential images in a series of panoramic views of Giverny. During his Giverny period, Robinson continued to make trips back to New York, where he maintained friendships with Twachtman and Weir, and through them served as a conduit for the dissemination of Impressionist precepts in the United States. Duncan Phillips proclaimed that Robinson’s style “used the broken tones of Monet but refined the method and made it subtle and sensuous.”

To supplement his income, Robinson began teaching during the summers in Napanoch, New York, and later in a succession of teaching positions in New Jersey. In February 1895 Macbeth Gallery in New York gave him his first solo exhibition. Robinson died the next year during an acute asthma attack, an illness that had plagued him his entire life. Five of his paintings were lent posthumously to the 1913 Amory Show, in which he and Twachtman represented American impressionism."




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