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coconut oil use video of conditioning /cleaning a couch

Watch Jean clean/conditon her couch with coconut oil. This is one of the uses you will find in her book "101 Creative Coconut Oil Uses." See scratches and dirt disappear!


Fix CRACKING and WEAR on LEATHER using our LEATHER REPAIR FILLER and LEATHER REPAIR KITS. To go to our site now : To PURCHASE our Exclusive LEATHER DYE REPAIR KITS go to: YOU CAN VIEW THE PHOTO OF THIS CHAIR COMPLETED HERE! JUST TO NOTE: We show the repair of the arm of this chair to simply illustrate the application process of our products and how well they work! Of course, after repairing the arm, it will look different than the rest of the chair as it is still oxidized, dirty, worn and faded. To view the chair completed, we've posted the "before and after" photos of this very chair on our website!

3 EASY Ways To Clean Sofa At Home In Hindi | Clean and Disinfect | Leather & Fabric Tips

Hi Friends, Sofa Cleaning At Home In Hindi | CLEAN & DISINFECT | Deep Cleaning Sofa | Fabric & Leather Sofa . Also known as sofa cleaning at home india,couch cleaning at home. Make your own sofa cleaning liquid or cleaner which chemical and toxin free. I hope you enjoy watching this video. Please SUBSCRIBE & LIKE. Feel free to watch other videos by clicking on the below links. How To Use Dishwasher in Hindi | How to load Indian utensils in dishwasher | Tablets & Rinse aid Indian Refrigerator Organization | Fridge Cleaning and Organization ideas | Indian Fridge Tour Indian (NRI) Kitchen Cleaning | Everyday cleaning Routine for GERMS free kitchen | Indian (NRI) Mom Indian NRI Vlog 2018 | How I celebrated Bhogi and Makar Sankranti | NRI mom (SAHM) NRI MOM ROUTINE | Indian (SAHM) Weekend Breakfast to Lunch Routine (2018) INDIAN NRI KITCHEN | TOUR & Organization Ideas (2018) HOW TO USE CLUTCH IN SHORT HAIR | 5 Hairstyles (QUICK & EASY) NRI MOM ROUTINE | Indian (SAHM) Breakfast Routine (2018) Money Saving Tips For Housewives | TOP 10 TIPS | Practical and do-able TIPS South Indian Non-Veg dinner recipes | Small Family with kids| INDIAN DINNER ROUTINE HOW TO STORE LEAFY VEGETABLES FOR A MONTH | Fresh Corrainer, Spinach, Methi, Pudina How to COVER kitchen cabinets to protect from grease | Stains | paint peeling - HINDI 12 NEW LAUNDRY TIPS | HACKS | Indian clothing DIY Shaving Gel at home | Store upto a month | Totally natural Do you think Lemon is good for skin ? Watch this video Anti-Aging Face scrub with secret Ingredient | Homemade face pack & Scrub for aging skin How to Cover Under Eye Dark Circles | Indian Skin Tone Sunscreen | Side Effects from Sunscreen | Solution MUSIC Song: Ikson - Last Summer (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link:

10 Awesome Vinegar Life Hacks you should know.

We've put together a list of 10 interesting ways to make that bottle of vinegar work for you. Audible Trial: Topics covered: 1. Unclogging a drain 2. Removing adhesive residue 3. Getting rid of awful smells. 4. DIY Cleaning Products 5. DIY Fruit fly Trap 6. Getting Wrinkles out of clothing (My favorite) 7. Preventing pets from scratching 8. Make flowers last longer 9. Cleaning your glasses perfectly 10. Removing baked on gunk in a frying pan Post your own in the comments! Twitter: Facebook: Business Inquiries:

Leather Repair Trick

Genuine (not bonded) leather can be repaired with sandpaper and super glue! 0:24 - Why you may need a subpatch 0:38 - Cutting the subpatch and rounding the corners 1:05 - Inserting the subpatch 1:44 - Gluing the patch to the leather 3:20 - Demonstration of the Sandpaper Super Glue method 5:01 - Dyeing the leather using Rub 'n Restore® Walnut color Check out our video on cat scratch damage which has better close-up footage of this method: Don't believe us? We used this method for nearly 30 years as professional leather repair artisans serving Southern California's auto, aviation, and RV industries. The Sandpaper-Super-Glue Method is best for minor damage. Larger areas requiring flexibility should be repaired with a flexible compound like FC1 Soft Filler demonstrated in this video: More information about repairing your own leather or vinyl, along with free written instructions, here: Follow us on social media! @RubnRestore Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: Google+: LinkedIn:

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