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jBASE Release 5.5 Overview & Feature Highlight from Zumasys

Corey Luckow, VP of Strategic Development and Bruce Decker, Pre-Sales Engineer-MultiValue Practice from Zumasys recap the new features of jBASE 5.5 including System Manager, and jRCS, which is set to ship next week.

How to test DataDirect JDBC connection using SQuirreL SQL Client

This presentation shows how to configure and test DataDirect JDBC drivers using a third party utility named SQuirreL SQL client

Building your first REST API in less than 30 minutes

Play is fundamentally a framework for writing REST APIs. Therefore writing such a REST API, is very easy using Play. With the use of ScalikeJDBC, a tidy SQL-based DB access library, and the reverse engineering tool that comes with it, most of the work gets done for you. After this talk you’ll be able to build your first REST API in under 30 minutes, with model classes that are fully tested as well! Author: Thomas Meijers Thomas Meijers is a part-time software developer at Lunatech, while still pursuing a bachelor degree in Information Technology. With his passion for writing complex software, he mostly focusses on the combination of Scala with the Play Framework. With this basis he further fills his toolbox with practices such as functional programming, REST, reactive programming and NoSQL databases.

Introduction to Dynamic Objects

Dynamic Objects is the new language extension to the standard jBASE BASIC language. It provides a JavaScript-like object model that allows for a look-n-feel that matches today’s modern application languages. Introduction to Dynamic Objects Documentation:

The newest release of jBASE 5.6 offers incredible features such as native RESTful services. With RESTful Services, jBASE can receive requests from Java Script and return results back using JSON exposing jBASE to every language environment without proprietary APIs.

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