Top 10 Best Restaurants in the World 2017

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World Ranking Top 10 Restaurant 2017 Today, the World’s 10 Best Restaurants list was announced. New York City’s very own Eleven Madison Park nabbed first place. An American institution has not taken number one since 2004 when Thomas Keller’s California-based French Laundry won for the second time in a row. While no other U.S. restaurants made the top 10 this year, Blue Hill at Stone Barns came in at number 11, and Le Bernardin got 17th place. Three other American restaurants—Chicago’s Alinea, San Francisco’s Saison, and New York’s Cosme—were also in the top 50. Below, the 10 best restaurants in the world. KEYWORD: ►Food Guide ►weirdest restaurants, ►Best Restaurant, ►St.Pellegrino Guide, ►Best ever, World Best, ►El Cellar de Can Roca, ►Osteria Francescana, ►Central Peru, Central, ►Eleven Madison Park, ►Unusual Restaurants, ►weird restaurants, ►strange restaurants, ►bizarre restaurants, ►Unusual Restaurants, ►weird restaurants, strange restaurants, ►bizarre restaurants, ►Most expensive food in the world, ►worlds most expensive food, ►foods that cost the most, ►Unusual Restaurants, ►weird restaurants, ►strange restaurants, ►bizarre restaurants, ►Restaurant, ►Restaurants, ►top 10, ►top 5, ►weird, ►Noma, ►bizarre, ►unusual, ►Juan Roca, ►most unusual, ►in the world, ever, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music By Audio Library : ►facebook : ►pinterest: ►twitter: please subscribe to our channel

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Best Restaurants in the World 2017

The Ledbury Restaurant

Alinea Restaurant


D.O.M. Restaurant


Dinner Restaurant

Eleven Madison Park

Osteria Francescana

El Celler de Can Roca

Noma Restaurant

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