2017 SAIC Roewe ei6 PHEV Hybrid Car Full Overview

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Saic RX5 and i6 2018

Saic RX5 and i6 2018 at Shenzhen city China


SAIC Motor is looking to become the first Chinese company to sell its cars in the Indian market, as the company has started hiring key executives. This information is revealed by people close to the development.

推荐顶配车型 荣威i6购车手册

2017 Roewe 360 1.5L AT Luxury Interior and Exterior Overview

Roewe 360 is a compact sedan produced by SAIC (Shanghai Auto). Slightly larger than the Roewe 350, it has a wheelbase of 2660mm and is 4579mm long, 1804mm wide and 1490mm long. Two engine options are to be provided: a turbo 1.4L that can put out up to 150hp and 235Nm and a naturally aspirated 1.5L that can develop up to 109hp. The turbo 1.4L will be paired to a 7-speed DCT. The luxury edition is equipped with an 8-inch color screen and inkaNet 4.0 telematics.

Off-Road Test: Nissan Terra (2018) vs. Roewe RX8 (2018)

The Roewe i6 has been launched on the Guangzhou Auto Show in China, and it has become one of the best looking Chinese sedans ever. It comes in two flavors: the i6 petrol version and the ei6 hybrid. The red car on the first photo is an i6. It has a huge shiny grille. The grille of the ei6 however is…
… even bigger. The bumpers are different too.

The i6 will be available with two engines: a new 1.0 liter three-cylinder with 125hp, which seems just enough for such a big car, and the well known 1.5 turbo with 170hp.

The ei6 uses the 1.0 plus an 82hp electric motor, adding up to 207 hp.
They didn’t open the doors but the windows were clear, showing a very good looking interior with loads of leather. This is the i6. The touch screen is 10.4 inched and runs on Alibaba’s YunOS, the same system that also infotains the Roewe X5.

The pipe tips are fake. The real pipe is hiding under the bumper.

The i6 is the successor of both the Roewe 550 and the Roewe 750, which was retired just last week. Size wise it is closer to the 550 than to the 750, which could indicate a longer L version is on the way to cover all the ground lost.

The i stands not for iPhone but for internet, innovation, and intelligence. What a trendy name! So i!

The i-sixes will hit the Chinese car market in Spring. Price is yet unknown but when we take a median line between the prices of the 550 and 750 we end up with about 120,000 yuan for the base car.

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