Photographic Composition: Using Balance

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Balanced Compositions in Photography

In this video I talk about the concepts of balance in an image, what it is and why you should think about this as you are composing your photographs.

Composition Rule #2 "Balance"

A short video to show you how to use the second rule of composition "Balance". Composition in photography is fundamental, it is the building blocks that all great images are constructed from. If you have and Questions, comments, or to learn more about outdoor photography please go to Thank you for watching.

The Simple Math of Correct Exposure

Learn more: Follow us: Are your photos too light? Or too dark? Maybe you need a little lesson about exposure! Check out this lesson for your introduction. The playlist for the entire course is available at:

Photography Tips: Composition can be practised anywhere

You don't need a fancy location to practise and learn composition in photography. You can compose images anywhere you like and whilst you do that, you can be practising exposure, trying different length lenses, depth of field etc. Then when you're in a fantastic location you'll be ready to capture it perfectly instead of fiddling about with camera settings, wondering where to stand and which lens to use. You have to give up wanting to shoot amazing images for a while, but whilst you learn photography it's practise that makes perfect. Learn all those techniques and how to use them and brilliant images will become a by-product of using your camera. I promise! In this photography tip I'm going to show you how to practise your composition in a very boring and messy location. Hope you get inspired to give it a go. Mike Browne 7 Building Blocks of Photography - Subscribe to our channel - To see all our videos - check out our channel

Photography Composition finding the picture

Photography composition isn't a technical thing. It lives outside the camera in the world around us and through your eyes. The trick is to liberate the subject from it's surroundings into a pleasing composition. It's about learning to spot the picture. Some people can see compositions naturally and don't give it any thought, whilst others like myself, have to learn how to compose a photo by looking for and finding compositions that work as an image. And all the while you need to be considering light as well. Search our channel for our lighting videos for more on that. The boats I photograph in this video whilst explaining the thought process that goes into composing a photo are particularly interesting. click the video location to find them. I'm going to take you to the locations of two of my favourite images and talk you through my thoughts as a photographer when I looked for the image before composing and shooting the photo. You can begin improving your composition by joining us at - hope to see you there soon. Mike

A short video showing how to use balance in photographic compositions.

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