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The reality in the world is that women are everywhere. They are raising their families, and working as anything they please. They are building turbines, fighting fires and even harvesting bananas. You name it and they are there.

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Who We Are. Take a look. Sara Bahai, first woman taxi driver of Afghanistan. Getty images 2. A woman working in a carpet factory, Kostandovo, a village in Bulgaria.

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Getty images 3. In Israel, this woman is decorating a pillow.

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Getty images 4. In latifiyah, Baghdad, this woman is collecting salt from water. In Novarra province, this woman is working in a wind turbine plant. Getty images 6. In Lahore, this woman is touching up earthen pots. Getty images 7. This woman is working in a carpet factory near Bulgaria. Getty Images 8. Getty Images 9. In Karaj, Iran, this woman is working in one of the only women's fire and rescue units in the Middle East. Getty Images Somewhere in Gujrat, this woman collects salts from salt pans. In Mexico, these women are repairing trucks so that they can easily transport woman goods to nearby places.

In Madhya Pradesh, these are women laborers carrying bananas from the field. Near Burkina Faso, these women are participating in a cash program organised by a French non-governmental organisation called Action Against Hunger. A female employee at a Winery in Tbilisi. AFP A woman working in a linen loom, Halluin, northern France. In Thailand, workers managing a rubber sheet. In Bangui, Central African Republic, this woman is watering crops. In Gaza city, this woman manages her own carpentry workshop. In Haiti, this woman is distributing salt.

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In Cochin, these women are working in a ginger and spice factory. At Filmcity in Mumbai, this woman is shooting for a song sequence. In Indonesia, Batik craftsmen put a textile piece together. In France, this woman is working at a porcelain factory. In China, this year-old woman is doing electro-welding work. In Cuba, this woman is working in a cigar factory. In Thailand, this woman is picking tea leaves. In Germany, female students study in the nutrition technology department. In Germany again, this woman is checking the maturity of chicory plants.

In Bhutan, this old woman is working on her own wooden weaving loom.

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In Israel, this woman from the Al-Qiyaan tribe is working outside her house. In Peru, these are female gold miners searching for gold on a waste rock. In Allahabad, this woman is working at a brick factory. In Kabul, female Afghan boxers practise their game. AP In North Korea, this woman is working hard in a textile factory. In Nepal, these women are removing weeds from a paddy field. In Pakistan, this woman is arranging bricks at a brick factory. The Conversation 0 Start a conversation, not a fire. Post with kindness. Post Comment. Play Quiz. Powered By.

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