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USA Today bestselling author Cayce Poponea is a true romantic at heart, who writes the type of fiction she loves to read.

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With strong female characters who are not easily swayed by the devilishly good looks and charisma of the male le. All served with a twist you may never see coming. While Cayce believes falling in love is a hearts desire, she also feels men should capture our souls as well as turn our he. From the Mafia men who take charge, to the military men who are there to save the damsel in distress, her characters capture your heart and imagination. She encourages you to place your real life on hold and escape to a world where the laundry is done, the bills are paid and the men are a perfect as you allow them to be.

Cayce lives her own love story in Georgia with her husband of many years and her three dogs. Leave your cares behind and settle in with the stories she creates just for you. Sold by: Amazon. Aiden Sawyer is in the prime of his life. With a beautiful girlfriend, a lucrative business, and the respect of his fellow SEALs. A late-night cry for help blurs the lines of friendship, granting clarity to the deception happening in his own backyard.

Will he listen to the voice of reason in his head?

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Or will he toss caution to the wind and follow his heart? Jordan Holt is as loyal as they come. When she stumbles across her boyfriend in the arms of another woman, will her loyalty remain? Or will she risk shattering the world of the only man she has ever loved? This suspense-filled romance will have you breathless and begging for more.

Packed to the rafters with love, sex, and twist you will never see coming. Cayce Poponea. Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. Are you an author? Help us improve our Author s by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central. Kindle Edition.

Next. Titles By Cayce Poponea. A girl trying to get by. A mob boss with Family obligations. A romance that seems impossible. With a successful career as an event planner, there is little time for a personal life. When a mystery guest at a wedding she organized, get a little too involved with her friends and family, Christi is forced to confront him. She knows first hand how blind love can be and how quickly it can leave you broken.

Patrick Malloy has it all; money, power, and his choice of women to warm his bed. When Family responsibilities force him to find a wife, his resolve is to agree to an arrangement made in his youth. Discover what happens when Patrick turns on the charm and Christi learns she is outed. Follow Christi as she learns the secrets behind Patrick's generosity and attention.

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Will his good looks and charisma be enough to win her over? Or will the evil lurking in the shadows destroy it all? Pick up your copy of Shamrocks and Secrets to discover this new and exciting series today! Other Formats: Audible AudiobookPaperback. A SEAL on a mission. A woman dealing with her family's high expectations. A modern-day romance for the ages. Lieutenant Zach Michaels is in the middle of the Korengal Valley. On the eve of a new mission, he receives a desperate letter from a young woman.

Kennedy Forrester has spent her life pleasing others, specifically, her social ladder climbing mother. When an internet search done in hopes of finding love, introduces her to the charm and charisma of Lieutenant Michaels, she is tossed into a world she never dreamed existed.

As the two continue to correspond from half a world away, will either of them figure out the common link they share? With their lives interconnected, and his SEAL days in the past, can they find a balance allowing a blossoming relationship to thrive?

If you like Alpha males, who will stop at nothing to protect the women they love, sizzling sex scenes, and the evil of the world getting their just rewards, then you will love this installment in Cayce Poponea -turning new series. Other Formats: Paperback. A SEAL trying to find himself. A woman drenched in self-doubt. A love grown out of friendship. A SEAL who lied to protect the woman he loved. A once vibrant woman now a prisoner to the hurt the lie caused. A battle of wills, and boundaries pushed, even those thought permanent and unwavering.

For Matthew Parrish, scars are more than skin deep. They hold memories which imprison him, holding him captive and gifting the demons living in the shadows an opportunity to remind him of his crimes. Especially those crimes he's been granted forgiveness for. When an act of bravery manifests into something sinister and cruel, can words which cut like a knife ever be forgiven? Or will the scars he inflicts on the only woman he has ever loved be too deep to repair? How far will he willingly go to get her back?

Rayne Winters has spent her life living off the mercy of others, giving more of herself than she has to spare. Her familiarity and acceptance of the challenges her life has been handed, leave behind a longing to be accepted and loved. What happens when an act of kindness brings about cruel words from a man she thought she found forever in, pushing her back into the pits of despair?

Will she be able to look past a lie and lay her heart on the line once more? Or will the sting of rejection keep her from letting anyone back in, even the man who could save her? This suspense-filled romance will have you screaming out loud, cheering for the good guy to triumph over evil. Making you question if forever is a possibility and if time can heal all wounds? What if everything you knew to be the truth was a lie? Every memory you have now shrouded in doubt of its validity. She never dreamed her sense of adventure would guide her into the middle of a battlefield on the streets of New Orleans, leaving her stranded in the one place she was warned never to venture.

What happens when superstition becomes a reality, allowing all the things that go bump in the night, to come after her? One filled with characters she assumed only lived within the s of books.

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Now she is forced to choose a mate from one of the ruling Factions, or pay the ultimate price. Will Willow play it safe, choosing her new friend Larkin despite his irreversible curse? Or will she toss caution to the wind as she discovers nothing is as it seems. Dylan Morgan has it all; a prestigious career as a Detective for the city of Charleston, devilish good looks and a selection of girls whenever he chooses. Southern born and raised, he lives by the pearls his Granddaddy imparted to him.

But when he questions his worth to the citizens of Charleston, his fears are realized when someone close to him is in danger.

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Does he follow the letter of the law as his position dictates, or does he follow his conscience, which will cause him to straddle a fine line? Can Dylan overcome the demons he creates for himself? Or will he toss everything away in a moment of reckoning? Claire Stuart has fought hard her whole life not to fall into the same trap as her mother. She refuses to allow men to use her and toss her away. Needing to escape the hardship her family creates, she seeks education over acceptance and uproots herself from the backwoods of Kentucky to the charm of Charleston.

She knows all about Dylan Morgan and his choice to bed every woman he comes across, yet she finds herself unable to listen to the warnings her mind and friends give her. Someone who could shatter her very sou.

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Time is no authority on falling in love. Shamrocks and Secrets left us with Patrick and Christi Malloy finding their happy ever after. Despite the collaboration of evil forces who vowed to destroy them, they bonded together and came out stronger. However, Patrick did pose an interesting question; what happened in the missing twenty-five years? Clearly every romance has its honeymoon phase, complete with bells and whistles to blind us to the imperfections of the opposite sex. But when a lie is told, one with detrimental implications, how will Patrick prove to Christi their love is forever and not to believe what she sees with her own two eyes.

Or will their love come with a shelf-life?

Beautiful women seeking sex Cayce

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