Blonde passenger in jeep

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In. Edit Hard to Kill Showing all 29 items. Hulland that Storm is dead, O'Malley turns around and, after Hulland tells him he's sorry, in the audio you hear him say, "The most unstoppable sonuvabitch I ever knew. When Storm is holding the Senator towards the end, the Senator calls the police officer walking up to Storm "Sergeant". The officer has Captain's bars on his uniform, Sergeants wear chevrons on their sleeves.

The villain fires his gun downward at the orderly's stomach on the left side. The bullet hole appears on the orderly's upper right shoulder. When Storm fights the four guys in the billiard room, he stabs Jack Axel in the jugular with a pool cue, who then falls to the floor and dies with the cue still lodged in him.

When Hulland enters the room shortly after and sees them lying on the floor, the cue that was lodged in Axel has vanished. When escaping the ambush at the hideout, Mason drives the black jeep across a field and crashes through a white pavilion and one shot is flipped - you can see the bullet holes in the windscreen move around, and Mason at the wheel sitting on the wrong side of the car.

Mason's jeans change from black to blue as he stands up at the cemetery. The damage on the Corvette's bumper during the hotel chase scenes disappears after Storm drives up to the parking attendant. Mason's trousers change from black to white when he leaves his house and gets into his jeep. When Storm wakes from his coma his dark beard has two white streaks either side of his mouth leading down to his chin, later in the hide out lodge they are gone.

Despite the fact that it has been hidden behind a wall for seven years, when Mason retrieves his camera from his old house, there is not a speck of dust on the camera, and it looks almost brand new. When Mason finally confronts senator Trent, he le him to the main room, where he threatens to shoot Trent in the mid section.

The gun fires, and from the reaction, Storm fires into the ground. Yet a later wide shot reveals that there is no hole in the floor, and the tiles are perfectly intact. The fireplace poker near the end of the movie loses its top after one swing, then reappears in the next cut as the bad guy charges Storm. Additionally, the poker starts out with a brushed or dull finish when first seen, then when Trent tries to attack Mason with it, it's brightly polished. When Nurse Andy is wheeling Mason Storm out of the hospital on the gurney, the blanket alternates from untucked to tucked under the gurney mattress.

Toward the end of the movie in the senator's house when the detective is in the bathroom and pulls his gun from his holster, you can hear the click of a hammer being cocked but the hammer hasn't been cocked. Just a moment later he cocks the hammer and you hear the sound again.

After climbing the mountain at the hideout, Mason Storm sits and watches the sunset which is alternately behind him and to his left over his left shoulderand in front of him and to the right between shots. As she sits down to her desk, Andy says "It's 6AM. Morning Martha. During the whole walk the wall clock behind Martha's seat shows In one shot he is driving with Andy is in the passenger seat, yet in a shot right before they hit the wooden archway it's possible to see a man on your left the passenger seat and a blonde woman n the right.

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When Becker gets shot and falls over the bed, you can see the wire leading from his pant leg that is used to fire the blood squibs. When the Jeep driven by Mason Storm hits the bad guy in the field, the bad guy flies straight up into the air.

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The laws of physics dictate that he would fly away from the Jeep in the same direction as the Jeep is traveling, if not simply get run over. When the Jeep is being shot at from the garage roof, the bullets appear to bounce of the canvas convertible top.

Mason isn't filming at all when Senator Trent steps into the light. He is instead trying to adjust the camera. The Senator shouldn't be on tape, therefore. Storm kills one of the intruders in his bedroom. Presumably this is another corrupt cop like the rest of the gang. Axle and Quintero are not seen hauling a dead body back to the van so they obviously left the dead body sitting in the bedroom. In the seven following years no one ever questions why a cop was shot to death in Storm's bedroom or bothers to investigate blatantly obvious corruption within the police department.

After gunning down Storm and his wife, the hit squad remain at the house planting evidence and searching for the recording of Trent. However, the gun shots from the shooting would have been heard by the whole neighborhood who would have alerted police and had units dispatched to the house within minutes.

The hit squad should not have had time to remain at the house following the shooting. After a firefight in which he fires two shots from a pistol holding at least seven, Storm racks the slide on the pistol, presumably to cock it before the next firefight, but this would be unnecessary as the next round in the magazine would already be loaded, and cocking it from this position would simply eject the next round.

No round is ejected, and the pistol is revealed to be empty, as a round would be visible through the bullet ejection hole if there was one in the gun. The poker that the bad guy swings at Mason is a fake. The top of it flies off after the first swing. When O'Malley gets up from behind the cab after getting shot once and attacks the bad guys with the tire iron, his jacket flies open and the blood squib is clearly visible under his shirt.

During the ambush at the hideout, there is a henchman at the front door, when Mason throws Andy to the floor, and covers her up just before the explosion of the door, you can see that the man who is protecting her is a stunt double - his face is turned towards the camera. When they start shooting at Sonny Storm after gunning down Mason and his wife, Mason can be seen moving his hand as he lays unconscious on the bed. Getting Started Contributor Zone ». Edit. Top Gap. Hard to Kill Did You Know? Create a list ». Steven Seagel films.

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Blonde passenger in jeep

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