Brownsville texas nude.

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Tucked away in a very secluded part of South Padre Island in Texas is an alleged nude beach with an extraterrestrial inspired name. UFO Beach, however, has everything to do with the Texas Gulfcoast lifestyle and almost nothing to do with aliens. What is true about UFO Beach is that you have to be a true explorer to reach there.

It's many miles north of the paved road that passes the state park. BeachCatcher describes the journey :.

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Reaching the UFO beach requires either a four-wheel drive or a hike along the scorching shore because the road terminates at South Padre Sand Dunes. So what inspired the UFO Beach name? Turns out it's thanks to a washed up ocean buoy that looks suspiciously like a flying saucer. A blogger in the Rio Grande Republic describes.

The ocean buoy that washed ashore years ago after a hurricane became a landmark with the locals.

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It was moved due to a sand dune restoration project and is now approximately at Mile 7, slightly south of the border of the wildlife reserve. Great question.

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According to tradition, yes. However legally, that's a big no. Here are the details from BeachCatcher. They can show very different attitudes to the absence of your swimsuit, and tickets for disturbing the peace are possible.

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Nevertheless, women are permitted to sunbathe topless, so you need only to take care of the lower part of your body. Eric Meier Published: November 25, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Filed Under: texas. Back To Top.

Brownsville texas nude.

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UFO Beach on South Padre Island is a Nude Beach with (Almost) Nothing to do with Aliens