Different kind of girlfriend

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Whether she is a Snorlax Sally or a Perfect Polly your girlfriend will be on this list. Proceed with caution and remember, beauty is in the eye of the erm, beholder…. Not to mention, her mood swings are giving you prolific whip lash.

Yep, this is the sort of crazy jealous crap some of you poor saps have to deal with. Top tip:get out as fast as you can and never look back, you are only sailing on a sinking ship. You move, she moves.

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You may mistake this type of girl for your shadow as she is virtually always stuck to your side. You are forever being referred to as a couple and it is hard to remember the last time you had some quality alone time. It must be love. Why is this girl in a relationship, god knows! My guess is that she is a greedy bitch who thinks she can have it all.

At some stage in the relationship she will reach the point where she has had sex more times with random strangers than with her boyfriend. To many men this seems like the ideal girlfriend. She is so relaxed about everything that at times you forget she is even there. However, there are drawbacks to this laid back chica. She often forgets about arrangements you have made and has a tendency make little or no effort at all to contact you.

Any Pokemon fanatic will find it hard to forget the fat, bumbling beast that slept all day. But this is probably the best way to describe this type of girlfriend. Sadly, she is forgetting that when most men say these things they are lying. So before she knows it she is left fat, single and feeling rather sorry for herself. There there Sal.

She goes to the gym regularly to work on her upper body strength so that when a heavy box needs lifting she can move it without breaking a sweat. As a result of this role-reversal relationship the lines between men and women become blurred beyond repair. You have known her for years and fell in love with her the second you saw her. Smothering Stephanie You move, she moves.

Cheating Charlie Why is this girl in a relationship, god knows! Laid back Lauren To many men this seems like the ideal girlfriend.

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Different kind of girlfriend

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9 Types Of Girlfriend You Must Know Before Dating