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Are you wondering how to pee outside? No toilet to sit on. No walls for privacy. No toilet paper to wipe with. Only you, your friends, and an endless landscape full of poison oak, cactus, snakes, mosquitos, and other wild dangers threatening the safety of your beautiful adventuring booty.

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After giving this method a few goes, you will have your system nailed and be wee-ing with confidence! And obviously no one wants to pee all over themselves or their clothing. Well, at least no one that I know… to each their own. Alright ladies, grab your T. But remember, mastery comes with practice. Bonus points if you read this article while doing a wall sit. Whether you do them now or at the gym, be sure to be getting in your squats! The stronger your squat position, the less likely you are to pee on yourself.

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. No one wants to smell or walk through your waste. After all of that, give yourself a pat on the back if you just enjoyed the best view ever while relieving yourself. Most importantly, do not bury or burn your TP! The paper is treated with bleach and other chemicals that the land does not like and it takes forever to decompose. Animals dig it up.

Wind blows it around.

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Leave No Trace Tip: Diluting your urine with a bit of water can help reduce the negative effects of wildlife being attracted to your liquid waste. Check out the Leave No Trace Principle: Dispose of Waste Properly to better understand why packing out everything is crucial to protecting our environment. Congratulations, you wild woman!

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Hey you! This blog is for wild women doing wild things including backpacking, rock climbing, low-waste living, protecting wild spaces, and sustainable adventure travel. My mission is to bring you radical resources and inspiration to add more adventure and less plastic into your life.

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Dare to live wild. See you outside! Subscribe to our Mailing List Get the news right in your inbox! Table of Contents. Adventure Backpacking Hiking.

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