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It can be lonely. It has caused many to take a closer look at what they want out of life, including love. Quarantine and physical distancing measures have not stopped people from dating, but the process is different than when the year began. Winnipeg resident Heather Pries, 53, is dating a man who lives in Saskatoon. She's doing it through the FaceTime app. Pries met the man through the matchmaking service Camelot Introductions. The new couple have gone on two virtual dates so far. But when you're virtual you're in your own home and you're in your comfort and they're in theirs.

Pries said dating virtually at first has taken away the pressure to be physical too quickly, which she said can destroy a relationship. I really think that this is taking that relationship to a deeper level," she said. Lianne Tregobov, owner and matchmaker with Camelot Introductions in Winnipeg, matches clients in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan. When she takes on a new client, she interviews them, creates a profile and makes a match.

Since COVID ramped up, Tregobov has switched to doing virtual interviews and is encouraging her clients to date through video chat and phone options. It is painful for people to be isolated," Tregobov said. Tregobov said many of the clients she's matched throughout the pandemic have spent dates playing board games over video. One couple called into a psychic together.

Another ordered the same dinner ingredients and prepared the same meal independently while connected through FaceTime.

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People are craving that human contact It's not only entertainment, but it also gives them hope. Sarah Knudson, associate professor of sociology at the University of Saskatchewan, said the way people have been dating during isolation has placed increased value on communication. She said virtual dating has largely moved away from superficial dating that apps like Tinder and Hinge have encouraged.

And then there's a lot of instant gratification because you can meet the person and say yes or no on the spot based on just a few narrow characteristics," Knudson said.

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It can be really healthy. The real love and connection and the long term connection compatibility with somebody is only going to come if there's more real groundwork through talking. Many people are in survival mode right now, stressed out and taking care of children. But many have a lot more spare time on their hands, especially those who are single or home alone.

What's missing? Once physical distancing measures are lifted, some people might go back into the world of dating with a new set of criteria or begin prioritizing things in their lives differently, she said.

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Some who were focused on hookups prior to the pandemic may now be looking for a solid and dependable partner. On the other hand, when someone goes a long time just talking and not meeting or spending time with their ificant other, there can be a tendency to romanticize them and the relationship, Knudson said. That can cause them to not be as grounded in the reality of the relationship.

I think on the one hand it's fabulous that people are maybe having the opportunity to slow down and really get to know people," said Knudson. Dating can sometimes be thought of as something for younger people, but Knudson said we need to think of people at all stages of life. COVID is known to be most harmful to seniors and there's always the risk of a second wave of the virus. Quarantine measures may also have caused some couples to have to speed up their relationships by moving in together sooner than expected. Knudson said this situation has the potential to work out well for the couple, but is a gamble.

If the relationship is very new, the couple will find out quickly if they're right for each other. A couple that has had to move in together early in their relationship will learn about each other's potentially annoying habits quickly — if they snore, are messy or are bad cooks, for example. Knudson warned that moving in with a partner too early can also put pressure on the relationship. She cautioned against too much intimacy too soon, as it gets in the way of building a healthy relationship based on communication and emotional compatibility. Laura is a reporter for CBC Saskatchewan.

Laura ly worked for CBC Vancouver. Follow Laura on Twitter: MeLaura. Send her news tips at laura.

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This story was originally published on April 29, Pries had never been on a virtual date before.

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She said the experience has been positive. Tips to make the most of dating in isolation CBC News 1 year ago Lovers in a dangerous time: Dating during a pandemic comes with baggage. Laura Sciarpelletti Reporter.

Find true love in Winnipeg Canada

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