Friends first chat anyone

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Do you have difficulty speaking English? Sometimes the hardest part is simply starting a conversation. Learn these expressions for starting a conversation in English in any situation — formal or informal, at work, school, or other contexts!

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And stay tuned for the next lesson, which will be on how to continue the conversation. Current national and international news is also a good topic of conversation. Here are some common expressions to start a conversation with someone you see after a long separation:. The friend will probably ask you about recent developments in your own life, too.

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You can also comment about the food and drinks, or about the music. Imagine you have a friend, Nora, who introduces you to her friend Ryan. If Nora introduces Ryan as a journalist, or a friend from yoga class, or a musician, you can ask about how long he has done that activity, or how he first got interested in it. His answer will then provide material to continue the conversation. Here are a few examples of how to do this:.

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You can simply make a comment to the other person, and this is like an invitation for the other person to comment, too. This can then begin a conversation. Learn more about the Speaking Course. Starting a conversation with a colleague: In the office, you use slightly more formal English, such as these common expressions: Hi, John.

How are you doing? How have you been? Long time no see! So, what have you been up to lately? Are you still working at ABC Company? Are you from New York? So, how do you know Mary?

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Have you tried the chocolate cake? So, where are you from? What did you think of the speaker? That was an excellent workshop — I learned a lot. How about you? Starting a conversation with someone you have just been introduced to: Nice to meet you! How do you two know each other? So, what do you do for a living?

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What are you studying? How did you get into it? Your dog is so cute! What do you think of it? Have you ever been here before? Learn real English phrases for daily life: Learn more about the Speaking Course.

Friends first chat anyone

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Tips for Talking with Your Friend