Hello you lookin for me

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Back to Blog. But as he penned the lyrics, something clicked. Think about all the places your content lives. On average, a rep needs to use about six sales tools to do their job, but that often reaches 11 or more. Searching through all that information takes time too — about 43 hours per monthaccording to Aberdeen. So the next time your reps are on that important call, they know exactly where to go to find the content they need to move the deal onto the next step.

We all want our content to do something. We create it to help us be more effective sellers, make an impact, and making sales. Once you have those lined up, attach some success metrics and set deadlines for evaluation so you can track how that content performs over time.

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A good first step? Bringing sales and marketing together to understand each other better. After all, you share many of the same goals, even if you approach them in different ways. We think a lot about finding the right content at Kiite. Or maybe you were working remotely, to begin with. So wh Read Now. A scoop of ice cream is good. But a hot fudge sundae? Try It Now. And I wonder what you do We all want our content to do something. Are you somewhere feeling lonely, or is someone loving you? What makes a solution stand out?

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A few things: It prioritizes search over searching. Rather than asking reps to navigate the wild blue yonder of your content management ecosystem or lack thereofthey should be able to access it from one port of entry. Plus, entering a search term and surfacing a result takes a fraction of the time that it takes to sort through folders. It plays nice with your other tech. That one point of entry thing? It remixes knowledge. No two searches look the same. And with robust integrations, this can happen without duplicating content or changing the source.

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Hello you lookin for me

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