I am anything you want me to be

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And since most radio is terrible, and my iPod nano battery dies when exposed to oxygen, We all know the song. Super-catchy, super-sad, with a plaintive dude pining for lost love. The truth is, this song resonates. That changed on my drive to the grocery store, when I overcome my usual distraction and let the rest of the song sink in. And you know what? It gets real crazy, gang! As such, it MUST undergo a thorough, line-by-line analysis. If nothing else, this will help me pass on my disturbed feeling to you, the reader.

I want to revel in the horror without preconceptions before I Google the song meaning.

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Lyrics in bold, my comments after. Okay, pretty innocuous start. Because do I detect a whiff of sexism here? Is the narrator trying to tell us that she was good looking but not much else? Is he asking us to make a value judgment? Is he trying to shame her with memories of her past? To be fair, men who go to cocktail bars to ogle the waitresses are definitely lesser in the eyes of God and Man. But wait, why was the narrator in the cocktail bar in the first place???

To pick up waitresses by promising to make them famous? New layers of creepy! Yay, she succeeded! This makes me wonder, though—who is this guy? A talent agent of some kind, right? And the guy is clearly John Hinckley Jr. Condescension and bitterness. Always fun in a partner.

Wait, what?!

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Perhaps…with violence? This is starting to get sad. Why is it too late for her to change her mind, terrifying narrator? The waitress strikes back! And actually, this is a pretty tame response. She tells him she would have succeeded with or without his help, and even says she still loves him. Quick question, female narrator: Did you notice the part above where he seemed really, really dangerous?

It seems like you fixated on the cocktail waitress comment, which, believe me, is the least of your worries right now. Do you have any cop friends?

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Do you walk alone at night often? Do you carry a gun? Do you think electric toothbrushes are better than the normal ones? Also, female narrator: Five years with this guy?! Definitely was not expecting that length of relationship. Did he become hysterical on city streets when he thought other men were looking at you? Did he bury his head in your hair and take long sniffs?

In your next relationship, look out for things like that. Back to our old friend the sinister weirdo. Apparently he thinks that asking her a second time will make a difference. The three options, as I see them, are that the guy killed her, killed himself, or both. If anyone still has newspapers saved fromplease check this out for me.

As you might guess by the appearance of the female narrator, lead singer Philip Oakey deed the song as a meta-commentary. Contrary to what I said before, this actually raises the song in my estimation. How often do you see pop tackle issues like that anymore? Suffice it to say, this irritates her. Gratitude and full credit on these s will be yours, and both are eternal.

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I am anything you want me to be

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