Is there a girl for me

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Scroll To Start Quiz. Yeah, there are some traits that really catch my eye. Not really. To a degree. I'm cool with anything. I'm heading out to some clubs. Marathon night of gaming. I'll see what's happening in town and go where the night takes me.

Maybe read or watch a movie. Is this a dirty question? That's a bit old-fashioned. Maybe a touch. I doubt it. Not at all. You don't want to look clingy, right? There's no such thing as too much texting. You probably only need to reply to texts.

dirty sister Luna

Not sure you even need to text every day. Yeah, pizza's pizza. Well, it wouldn't hurt to be asked. I'm always down for a pizza surprise. I'd like to be consulted. Not very many at all. Over Under You better believe it. I guess it's possible. Well, if there's chemistry. Dinner and a movie. A baseball game. Fast food. Dancing at a club. No, I always know when I'm flirting. Once or twice. Oh, a few. I don't drink. If I'm out I'll have one or two.

Maybe once every month or two. Roller coaster ride! Fried foods. Some games. Just walk around and see everything. Front row going crazy. Midfield on a blanket with some friends. Checking out everything and everyone. Sitting in the back on a lawn chair. Either way works for me. I prefer when it's like we both know to make a move at the same time. I like it when she makes the first move. I prefer to make the first move. Heck yeah. Doesn't matter to me. Yeah, that can be a lot of fun. I'm not much of a dancer, so I don't care.

Nah, too boring. Only if we go surfing at the end. Yeah, not so much. That sounds fun! Depends on what we do.

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I'm not so sure. I'd rather order out. Saves time. Ooh, very much. Yeah, if we find something fun to make. Meh, not really. I kind of prefer someone more like me. I have no idea. It doesn't faze me. I'd hope they get to know her better. Oh, well. That could be an issue. Oh yeah. I hope not. Too many. Oh, more than a few. Not many at all.

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I think so. Not need but want. I guess that depends. In a heartbeat.

Is there a girl for me

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