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Bored of counting likes on social networks? Style Advice. Galleries New media New comments Search media. Log in Register. Search titles only. Log in. Following up after meeting a lady at a bar. Thread starter blank Start date Feb 5, ed Jan 4, Messages 2, Reaction score 2.

Met a really nice girl at a bar on Friday, which is rare. When it happens, I usually just delete the phonebut I thought there was a nice connection between she and I, and she was really really cute. Just started talking at the bar. We actually joked about meeting people at bars and whether or not that was sketchy. When there's no conduit no mutual friend, no job, colleague or anything in commonwhat's a good strategy during the follow-up call? ed Aug 26, Messages 13, Reaction score Originally Posted by blank.

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ed Mar 11, Messages 14, Reaction score 2, Ask her if she want to stop by for a midnight tiptoe. ed Jul 16, Messages 18, Reaction score Originally Posted by drizzt Originally Posted by whodini. Toiletduck Distinguished Member. ed Mar 12, Messages 2, Reaction score Originally Posted by iammatt. ed Sep 23, Messages 3, Reaction score 1. Originally Posted by ghulkhan. ed Mar 10, Messages Reaction score 0. Call immediately after you get the. Like right when you leave. It's worked for me. The way I see it is, if you came across as needy to her in the first place, you'll come across as needy whenever you call.

If you came across as cool like you apparently did! Jl24 Senior Member. ed Dec 20, Messages Reaction score 0. Originally Posted by seanchai. Dubiously Honored. ed May 5, Messages 5, Reaction score 1, Call her with a song. Alter Distinguished Member. ed Dec 29, Messages 4, Reaction score Originally Posted by Kent Wang. ed Sep 28, Messages 6, Reaction score Come on strong! Ambulance Chaser Stylish Dinosaur. ed Mar 7, Messages 12, Reaction score 6, Keep it short and simple -- e. Are you available this Wednesday after work? You must log in or register to reply here. Styleforum is proudly sponsored by.

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