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Season four of "Celebrity Wife Swap" is back bringing viewers more of its ature spin on the critically-acclaimed reality series, "Wife Swap," by revealing the various ways celebrities live their lives.

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In this series, two members of celebrity families swap lives but not bedroomsand embark on a journey like no other to experience another family's way of life, including raising children, cultural and religious traditions and family dynamics, all while dealing with life in the spotlight.

In the end, the couples have the opportunity to reflect and re-discover their connections and what brought them together in the first place. In the season premiere, when it's time for the rules to change, Jackee and Traci are both ready to shake things up and get their new families out of their usual routine. When it's time for the swap, Tami arrives at her new home and is not enthusiastic when she realizes young children live there. Meanwhile, back in Houston, Kerri sees junk food in the refrigerator and questions the family's lifestyle. Both Charo and Jill are excited for their upcoming adventure.

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Having worked together on "The Love Boat," they recognize their "new families" right away. But, will Charo's "all showbiz, all the time" mentality be a match for Jill's "leave Hollywood at the door" household? Vince Neil has been the lead singer and frontman of the multi award-winning rock band Motley Crue for 35 years. Gunnar Nelson is half of the 90's rock band Nelson, which he formed with his twin brother, Matthew. When it's time for the women of these men to mix things up and implement their own rules, both Vince and Gunnar receive surprises that will last a lifetime.

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Margaret Cho is a stand-up comedienne with numerous successful comedy specials who loves to push the envelope with her racy jokes. When it's time for the swap, Cloris and Pia arrive at their new homes and are immediately not happy. When it's time for the swap, both Catherine and Molly are unsure of what they are getting into but soon after arriving to their new homes, they immediately recognize the new men in their lives since Molly even attended Catherine's televised wedding.

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Soon after meeting their new husbands, Catherine stumbles into the role of working mom helping take care of Riley and as substitute co-host on Molly's radio show, while Molly takes on Catherine's responsibilities of taking care of Sean's every need without taking into consideration her own interests and personal needs in Dallas.

When Alana meets her new family in Staten Island she immediately feels out of place and misses her "zen" lifestyle but does her best to adapt to the chaos. Taxed with cooking an Italian dinner, Alana fails miserably and is exhausted when a few of "Big Ang's" kids stop by unannounced leaving multiple grandchildren for her to look after while they spend the afternoon out.

Tommy Davidson is a stand-up comedian and actor who lives outside Los Angeles, CA with his fiancee of almost three years, Amanda, her son Jayden 5and Tommy's daughter Jillian Former child star Kellie Williams lives outside Washington, D. The Williams are very traditional when it comes to roles: He is the breadwinner while Kellie is stay at home mom. It's a Celebrity Wife Swap first when the men swap lives and travel around the world. Actor Robert Carradine is best know for his role on the classic movie franchise "Revenge of the Nerds.

Former NFL pro Terrell Owens lives with his friend in a house where physical fitness and sports dominate their lifestyle. Vista previa de iTunes. Celebrity Wife Swap, Season 3. Celebrity Wife Swap, Season 1. Celebrity Wife Swap, Season 2.

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Las vegas NV wife swapping

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