Las vegas swingers clubs reviews

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REAL swingers who enjoy both the socializing and playtime with others. We make it a point to attend this Thursday Fucktastic party every time we come to Vegas We were visiting Las Vegas for a conference and wanted to do something we had never done before. As a new couple we had a wonderful introduction to the couples scene at this party.

There were 4 couples present, after a few couples had cancelled, and all were attractive, fun, sociable and respectful. After a few drinks we relaxed and ed in with the party game. After that a whole new world opened up to us!!

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We would recommend attending this party to all couples wether you are beginners or experts. Unfortunately we live too far away to return but who knows! We would like to thank all those who attended for being understanding to our status as beginners and for encouraging us to let ourselves go.

We will always remember and treasure this experience. Although event got cancelled on Thurs. Had a great time even as the only non-full swap couple there. The game is fun, the people were great and the play room was a blast. I only wish it had lasted longer Everything you read in the other posts are accurate.

We will definitely participate again when in LV. Fun times These parties are just so much fun. No single males roaming around and leering at you. And you get to check out some great suites on the Strip. Definitely a great place to play. What a great group of fun and hot people. We found the party to be welcoming and comfortable. We can't wait to party again whenever our luck takes us back to Vegas We attended for the first time one of their parties this past weekend on thursday.

Thank you again for a really great time. Great event! Especally for those of us who don't have tons of time for meet and greets!

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Arrive 9pm It was so much fun and they really know how to get a party started :. We hope to attend again on our next trip as well". We will be longtime friends and visitors after just our first visit. This couple knows how to entertain and get people in a relaxed, sensual, erotic mood. We are impressed by their sincerity, sense of humor and the fact that they are real people who really enjoy what they do. Thanks for a great evening Despite first hearing from other locals not to attend we are always satistified with the quality of guests and how they run the party. Especially how they make it fun for everyone.

Great Job! The instructions on how to get there were easy to follow. I met the host, who greeted me warmly and sent me up to the suite. When I got there I met the hostess who was very lovely. The suite was in a major Strip hotel and they had plenty of soft drinks and snacks to enjoy. Once all the couples arrived we played "The Game" by candlelight where the men and women played against each other in a sexual trivia game. If we got a question wrong we had to take off an article of clothing.

Needless to say we ladies lost our clothes pretty quickly, but that was okay with me LOL. It was a great way to break the ice. Once all of us were in the play room and things got going, I was able to find a couple of guys to have fun with despite feeling a little shy and reserved at first.

I didn't play with everyone there nor are you under any obligation to, they are very good about enforcing the "No means no" ruleI enjoyed watching everyone in action. The main guy I played with taught me something I can pass along to any lovers I have in the future. Ladies, don't hesitate to attend a SC event alone. You will definitely be treated well and find someone attractive to play with.

If not, that's okay too if you are shy and want to just check it out. I have been to several swingers clubs in town and they are hit or miss. Single men are not allowed so you don't have to worry about creepers. It was worth the money I paid. Everyone understands why they are there and respects preferences. The ages of the couples attending have ranged from 25 to 60 and to be quite frank it has never been an issue for those attending, for the younger or older couples a like.

It is much easier for us to manage how many people are attending by having everyone register online. The parties sell out usually before that day because there is a limited amount of space. You must arrive before pm. No sorry we do not allow single men this Party. If you have a real interest in attending a party on a certain date, we suggest you purchase tickets now like you would with any other entertainment venue. Others have asked this question many times and have been disappointed for waiting, only to find the party was already full, closer to the date they wanted.

Our guest list is private for two reasons.

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We advertise the Party on 12 Websites. Attendee posts on one site does not reflect all sites. That is one of the reasons they enjoy attending. This question is one of those knee-jerk questions, we have found, that comes from the experienced and the inexperienced swinger who is just not sure this type of open swinging fun is for them. We understand some in the lifestyle need to see who will be there first, have some type communication with them as well.

If you require that type of comfort level and are not open to the excitement of just coming with an open mind we understand, but that is not this Party. Our answer is No means No and you are never required to play with anyone attending. We do not have a brick and mortar location. Yes you may bring whatever refreshments you desire. Alcoholism, unruly behavior, will never be tolerated at our parties.

Drink responsibly. Illegal drugs of any kind are NOT allowed. If you have a medical condition that allows you to use marijuana do not bring it with you. You must arrive between pm during the Social Hour. Monday December 19, "We are so pleased with the quality couples who attend our Parties and wanted to post a special thank you to all! In fact, Ms. UTC commented afterwards that it was One of the best, if not THE best party she'd ever been to and she's been to a few. Obvious YMMV applies as there is no way to tell who's going to be there and what the chemistry's going to be like, but I can tell you this - It was a very well run event, there were NO unattractive people there, and the atmosphere of the party was just amazing.

Be sure and carefully read the they send you after you register, it'll explain a few things, and help things go smoothly. The hosts were polite, professional, and well prepared, and the organization and format of the party was fantastic especially for the newbies that were there such that everyone had a great time. So much so that one young, newbie couple it was their 1st time ever decided to come back the next night. We wish we could have! Friday December 23, "The format and the people were all awesome. Would love to do it again! Monday June 17, We were visiting Las Vegas for a conference and wanted to do something we had never done before.

June 1, Although event got cancelled on Thurs. October 20, These parties are just so much fun. April 5, "We had such a great time at Thursday's party. July 8, We attended for the first time one of their parties this past weekend on thursday. February 12, Great event! February 16, " We had the pleasure of attending a party put on by SwingersCircle during our last trip to Vegas. No means no and everything is done with class.

Looking forward to attending another SC event! Thanks again! Thanks for filling out form! Are Single Men Allowed? Where Is Your Club? There are no refunds. We may have said no to others, to save your place at the party.

Las vegas swingers clubs reviews

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