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Besides contact details, the also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback. Founded by Henry Leland and Wilfred Leland inLincoln des and manufactures luxury vehicles, crossovers and limousines. Lincoln is headquartered at Dearborn, Michigan. In fact US presidents often had Lincoln as official state car.

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The website provides an overview of the vehicles, the cutting edge features you will find, specifications, price and high-quality pictures. Once you finish customizing the vehicle, you can see the estimated net price and also lease options. Need to test drive a vehicle? You can request for a drive at your preferred time. Need financing for your vehicle? The Lincoln Automotive Financial Services will help you purchase or lease. You can apply for financing online or at nearest dealer location. If you dint know, there are also pre-owned certified cars that you can get for a bargain.

The luxury vehicles are checked and inspected, passing over point inspection. All Lincoln certified pre-owned vehicle comes with comprehensive limited warranty coverage. They even come with complimentary roide assistance. If you are a Lincoln owner, register on the website to access a of features via the user dashboard. Once you register your vehicle, you can track purchase, repair and much more. You also can access a personal concierge and schedule Lincoln pickup and delivery.

Lincoln owners can access the Android or iOS smartphone app to gather safety information and more personalized services. Also, get complimentary pickup and delivery of vehicle and automotive financial services to make payments. All posts are published by our dedicated team of writers who curate, gather and produce relevant content for public. Leave a feedback or report inaccurate information using the Comments form below. First time buying a Lincoln and it will be my last!!!

Burnt 2 quarts of oil in less than miles!!! Leaves black carbon spots in the bottom of the SUVLincoln offered us to buy p to put under it!!! A 70, dollar vehicle that I hate to drive!!! I just want to be able to get to work, but no!

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I own a Lincoln MKX. The liftgate apparently a well-known problem in both Lincoln MKX and Ford Edge will not open and will not fully close and therefore drains my battery. In addition, no one can tell me how to: temporarily resolve this issue. This is my second Lincoln that I have purchased from this dealership and am so pleased with everything about their service. One in particular is Jim Broderick, Sales Consultant. He is the reason I went back to Sentry. I purchased it in March ofduring the Covid Virus. He went above and beyond for me in trying to make things as easy as possible.

He is a great asset to the Sentry Team. Kerrin and Mark in particular. A big thank you to all of you!! Last recall was for Passenger side Airbag that has been fixed 3yrs ago.

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Last time I had a loaner car till parts came and the work was completed. This time Lincoln motor company is not allowing rental cars. I cannot believe the parent FORD company is allowing this!

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I doubt I will purchase another Lincoln in the future………. I have driven Lincolns for 20 years, I love them! They are the best driving most luxurious cars and usually very few mechanical issues. I have since purchased a Cadillac. The ONLY reason I did not move forward with a Lincoln purchase was a second issue with outrageous pricing for a repair bill. He said the breaks were in fine shape!

I bought a Lincoln MKC in July and I have had the worst service ever and I have owned many different brands of car over the last 55 years! I listened to a friend who had owned one for about 5 years and even went to the salesperson T Lincoln Cavsa in Guadalajara 40 minutes from where I live.

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When the time came for my first service I managed to contact the salesperson and was tol that they had closed down in December but nobody had bothered to let me know! Since then I have had a colleague speak to them. She is. Native speaker but they have little respect for her as well!! One day the car would not start — lights flashed, horn blew etc etc but no engine. They sent a flatbed truck which arrived 90 minutes after the nominated time. Now they sai I need to drive it in — no pick up and delivery service — sorry we are too busy!!!!

If someone in Lincoln can shake these people up over the next few weeks then Lincoln might redeem themselves!! I have just over kms on the click and the next Lincoln dealer is three hours away! If only I had read some of those reviews before I spent my hard earned money!! Lincoln is a sorry joke. Beyond disappointed with the service and treatment as a new Lincoln owner.

My family has always owned and bought Ford, I am included in that but first time owning a Lincoln.

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I began smelling something burning after a recent oil change and my husband looked under my car, found transmission fluid leaking so I called the dealership I go to for oil changes was told they could not give me a loaner so began search for a dealer who could help me. Then he calls back brow beats me and tells me how he was trying to help me but my warranty had run out bc my car had over 50, mi.

He told me that theonly covered power train and the transmission cooler that is leaking is not part of that. The same day the part came him he called me back to tell me I would have to drive 2 hours with my handicapped child with me to exchange vehicles because he gave me a loaner and was not supposed and how I put HIM in a bind. That was Friday, Monday my air conditioner was not working. I called the financing department of the dealer I bought the car to confirm that I did indeed have the warranty was told I did and that this dealership should have looked into when I told them I did.

I called back to Brandon he immediately made excuses blamed the dealership I bought the car from and claimed nothing they did caused the issue with my ac. The service tech where I bought the car said if they worked in the transmission cooler that there is a condenser right in front if it and likely damaged it or it needs to be recharged. I paid extra for this warranty to only be screwed and treated like crap.

So much for buying luxury. I have been a loyal Ford owner but this will be last Ford product. Worst customer service ever. I bought a licoln corsair. Had it for 2 months and was side swiped. Had to wait 2 months on parts without the ability to use passenger side door. The car was at the dealership for 6 weeks. Still not completely fixed. Also was returned with I believe 2 thousand miles put on it and now mechanical issues that were not there when dropped off. Called 2 weeks ago to schedule to have the mechanical issues fixed and they said they will call back after they talk to the body shop, never called back.

Called them last week and was told I had to wait a week for an appt.

Lincoln chat line

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