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Handsome, sweet, smart and charming. All these characteristics mark the making of a beautiful relationship. There's just one problem. And it's in no way the fault of either parties involved: it really wasn't meant to be. If you're looking for Mr Right and for whatever reason, you are unsure of the potential status of your hopefully beloved, here are a few tips to determine if you're dating a Mr Right Now:.

Your friends are the ones who know you the best. Simply put, if he brings out your crazy side, and not the nice kind, then that means he is doing more harm than good to your peace of mind and should not be explored any further. Friends maybe? On the topic of change, you may discover that you are truly being yourself while drawing closer to your ificant other. Then who is he getting to know? The real you?

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Or the version that you have created for him? Food for thought.

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Sexual attraction and chemistry is great, but it is nothing more than a booty call without an emotional connection. In the end, nothing beats gut feeling. This Mr Right might just be wrong for you. View the discussion thread. The Wrong Mr Right. Photo Video.

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The Wrong Mr Right