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The right color depends on the type of meat you are buying. Red meat should be dark in colorand can vary between purple, red, and brown. It will still be safe to eat! Pork meat should be a light blushing pink color, while game meat should be dark brown. You might have noticed that the color of poultry varies somewhat and this is because their diet affects their meat color. So, the color of fresh poultry can range anywhere from blue-white to yellow! But smell is actually the best way to determine whether the meat is still fresh. If the smell is in any way pungent or smells like rotting fleshthen stay away!

Look for smooth cuts that are uniformly sizedand stay away from jagged edged meat. This is especially the case when buying poultry. Lower grade poultry are not always butchered wellwhich means care is not taken when removing ts and bones. If you look closely at red meat, you will notice meat fibers. The grain of the fibers will tell you whether the meat is tough or tender. Coarse meat grains, with many visible muscle fibersmeans a tough meat with lots of flavor.

Choose these cuts for low and slow cooking. When buying beef tenderloin, you will notice the lack of these grains, meaning the meat will be tender when cooked. Meat with white flecks and streaks of fat distributed throughout the muscle, will be juicier and tender. This fat is called marbling, and the finer the marbling, the tastier. Wagyu beef is prized for its marbling and is well-known for its flavor and tenderness.

These types of meat are also more expensive. Beef meat should be firm, dense and dry. The muscle fibers should be tightly packed and be uniform. Poultry meat should also be firm and dry. If the meat is slimy or sticky, then rather stay away. Best before dates have more to do with quality than food safety. The manufacturers are basically telling you that the product is at its optimum freshness before a certain date. If you are not planning to cook immediately, try to buy meat with the latest best-before or sell-by date. In that way, you can keep it in your fridge for a few days without running the risk of spoiled meat.

You should always consume meat before, or on, this use-by date. Meats such as ground beef are especially risky. Not only is there more surface area exposed, but it also went through more processing and handling. Look at the packaging for any of damage or dirt. Although it does not necessarily influence the meat quality directly, it does give you an indication of how the meat was handled.

If you see dirty marks within the packaging, your meat was likely handled with the same dirty hands. Likewise, if the package is damaged, it is open to be contaminated by outside elements. Something not many people look at when shopping for fresh meat, are the fridge and freezer storage.

Why does this matter? Well, temperature control within a facility is extremely important to ensure your meat stays fresh.

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If you notice that the fridges are slightly warmer than usual, or you see water dripping from the freezersthere could be a technical issue, which means your meat might not be so fresh. You have a meat expert right behind the counterso make use of their knowledge. They will be able to advise you on what to look for, what the right cuts are for your dish, what the freshest meat in store is, how to cook it, and may even give you a discount if you buy in bulk!

Main dishes Side dishes Appetizer Desserts. When shopping for red meat, most of us look for the nice, bright-red looking piece of meat on the shelf. But did you know that fresh meat is actually purplish in color?

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When exposed to air, meat pigments react with oxygen to form the red color we know so well. And what about brown meat? Is it spoiled? Read on to see what you should look out for when buying fresh meat! Food facts by Cookist. The color of the meat.

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