Looking forward to make new friends

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Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Install the app. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I'm New and looking forward to meeting some amazing people :D. Thread starter John. Start date Jan 26, New Member. Well anyway so she forbid me from doing or learning anything about ASL or anything related.

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I forgot where I was going with this hahaha, but now I am 21 and seeing a deaf family the other day reignited my passionate yearning and interest in learning ASL and deaf culture that was buried by my mother's ignorance. Currently I am not in school.

I guess you could say I still never could decide what I wanted to do with my life but now I feel like I do and I want to continue school in deaf studies to become an interpreter or something of the sort related to deafness because for one I love helping people, helping others brings me joy to know i made someone else's day better or like I'm making a difference in some one else's life and just Idk I'm really fascinated, amazed, inspired, and just envious of how people with"disabilities" like deafness or blindness are so strong and just Idk I'm rambling lol.

I don't mean to offend anyone by how I word things, just think of it as lack of knowledge. Which is why I am here to learn and make some amazing new friends So any advice and guidance is great encouraged I look forward to hearing from you all, HoH, deaf, or just other hearies with similar interests or passion as i have Oh btw, i live in San Antonio, Texas. Anyone from here too?

If so message me, maybe we could Learn ASL together or attend deaf events or something lol. I have no clue of where to find events or the local deaf community so any help is appreciated. I know absolutely no ASL atm lol. I'm starting to watch Dr. Bill Vicars Videos though. Click to expand Last edited: Jan 26, I think it's great that you want to learn ASL, to incorporate it into your career path, and that you have an interest in the Deaf community. But when you talk about your motivation, I wouldn't talk about it in terms of "helping people". If you have an interest in Deaf culture and ASL that's great, and if you want to interact with Deaf people, you'll need to learn the language: that can be motivation enough.

To see it as helping creates the suggestion that Deaf people need help from us hearies, which creates an iffy frame for healthy cross-cultural interactions. If you start learning ASL and go to a Deaf event you'll catch on to this right away when you realize how much patience it requires for a native er to wait for you to finish saying ""Hi, my name is John" and then struggle to understand their response. If you don't think of yourself as helping, but instead let your interactions be filled with respect and readiness for more learning, then I think you'll massively improve your chances of having a good and successful experience.

Another thing. As a fellow hearie who loooooves studying ASL and doing all the things that go with that, I know the feelings can be overwhelming.

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But I'd really try to cut down on words like "fascinated, amazed, inspired" and the like. Deaf people, like any people, are a diverse group of individuals. No one wants to feel labeled, even as "special and inspirational" - even something like assuming people are strong. Some people are, sometimes, some people struggle and fail, most people have good days and bad days, like anyone, you get the idea. Ok, sorry if that felt like I beat you over the head with that stick that I was supposed to be for me.

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I hope you have a great time here, learn lots, and find an awesome program for your studies. I just get really excited about this lol. Thank you though, I appreciate the time you took to read my post and the advice you beat into me hahah. Bebonang Active Member. Bebonang said:. You will offend us by your excitement or overwhelming. Don't go overboard. It is not good for you to do that to us. Most hearies with that excitement or eager are trying to help us by changing us to be like you or other hearing people. We can not change that for you or any hearies. We are the way we are as human beings, not an object as being deaf or disability person.

We can do anything except that we can not hear. We need accommodations to help us know what is going on in the hearing society.

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I'm a somewhat average person who has brief moments of amazement. Is that good enough? I'm assuming there are lots of bad cases between hearies and deaf people?

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I'm sorry if there is, but it doesn't mean I'm like that. Reba Retired Terp Premium Member. Oh btw, i live in San Antonio, Texas. SweetLD New Member. I just ed the forum today, and see people from San Antonio, TX. I live here too! I'm looking for more people to hang out with so if anyone's up for it, message me. Maybe we can get coffee or something. I don't have any friends in San Antonio, and am looking for some, preferably between 30 and 40 ish range as I'm in my 30s though I totally tell everyone I'm I'm 19 at the university of Illinois.

I can't hear out of my right ear at all, and I have severe hearing loss in my left. I will be profoundly deaf in the next few years. My family is hearing, and even though I've always been interested in Deaf culture, they see it as a problem to be fixed, so I get what you mean about your mom. I'm totally up for Skyping and practicing if anyone is interested. Is it possible to PM on here? I'm not sure how to do that or how to check mine. Or if anyone is in San Antonio, we can meet up for coffee. SweetLD said:. CC New Member. I am also a college freshman with a hearing loss.

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I am teaching myself ASL and would love to practice sometime. CC said:. I actually took a class a few years ago, but now I am just using youtube and watching videos. Ayy that's right, 4th Friday. Thanks for correcting respectyoda. I went once, but I'm shy so I got too nervous to go back alone again. Post reply. Insert quotes….

Looking forward to make new friends

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