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Massaging a text is the fundamental activity of the later stages of the Growing Participator Approach. This is a short description of how to do it. But before we jump into the nuts and bolts of massaging a text, I want to consider some of the problems that come up in our language lessons. These are challenges that we all face. They are challenges that we can overcome. The first point is addressed by being intentional about what we study. When we work from a text—and by text I refer to a spoken text, a written text, a video, etc.

If I want to learn about weddings, I can ask my teacher to make me a recording about weddings. If I want to learn about the work of a baker, I can go to a bakery and ask the baker to tell me about his work while I make a recording.

If I want to learn vocabulary related to my work, I can ask my colleagues to make me a recording about what they do for a living, or about what I do. Depending on where you are in your studies, you could bring in a newspaper article, or a television show, or a book. Perhaps the whole first sentence was a blur. In that case, you may want to listen to that portion again. I will often listen to a difficult portion four or five time!

You can also ask your teacher to repeat the sentence for you more slowly. Write down the new words. Write down the meaning as best as you can determine it.

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Most of these are just new words. I only wrote enough so that I could understand my notes later. Write as much or as little as you need. Going back over them a second time helps to clear those things up. The recording is important for two reasons. You need to be able to stop the recording at every new word and every new grammatical point. You can listen to the recording later to reinforce your understanding of the text. This is again so that you retain the information from the lesson.

In Phase 1 i.

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You need to have a plan to build your vocabulary. The Solution These are challenges that we all face.

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Everything you do in your lessons should be contributing to developing proficiency in real-world language use. Make sure that you really learn the new material that comes up in your lessons. The second point is addressed in the procedure of massaging a text. Why is the recording important? Why is writing down the words important?

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Massaging a text