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Download photo. By doing so, we can reduce the need for health care and the growing burden of health care costs for all. Mcclure kp. Curriculum vitae CV. Her work includes:.

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In this role, Dr. Much of Dr. Her goal is to de programs that are effective, convenient, engaging, and cost-effective, understanding that to make the leap from research to real world, interventions should meet these criteria. McClure is best known for her research creating novel treatments for nicotine dependence, particularly interventions targeted to smokers who are ambivalent about quitting.

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These individuals may want to quit smoking eventually, but are not yet ready to give up tobacco. Most smokers fall into this category, but few interventions are targeted to this important group. Her research has demonstrated the effectiveness of using proactive counseling and online interventions to motivate and support smoking cessation among ambivalent smokers. Her work has also shed light on the potential risks and benefits of using biological indicators of disease or disease risk to motivate quitting.

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Now she is developing a new mHealth app to help ambivalent smokers kick the habit. In other current work, Dr. Her collaborative research covers a range of topics from reducing sedentary behavior to comparing the effectiveness of various strategies for assessing and diagnosing high blood pressure. In recognition of her scientific contributions, Dr. She assumed her role as director of research, faculty, and development in Tobacco cessation; pharmocogenomics of nicotine addiction; treatment adherence; population-based behavior interventions; health risk communications; oral health promotion; dietary change; physical activity promotion; and informed decision-making.

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Depression treatment and development of behavior change interventions for people with serious mental illness. Recognizing and preventing participant deception in online nicotine and tobacco research studies: suggested tactics and a call to action. Nicotine Tob Res. Online ahead of print.

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Covid challenges confronted by smoking cessation clinical trials for people living with HIV: the experience of grantees of the United States National Cancer Institute. Front Public Health. Tobacco quitline engagement and outcomes among primary care patients reporting use of tobacco or dual tobacco and cannabis: an observational study.

Subst Abus. Development of a mobile health intervention with personal experiments for smokers who are ambivalent about quitting: formative de and testing. J Aging Phys Act. Which method of assessing depression and anxiety best predicts smoking cessation: screening instruments or self-reported conditions. Testing the efficacy of motivational strategies, empathic reflections, and lifelike features in a computerized intervention for alcohol use: a factorial trial.

Psychol Addict Behav. Epub Aug Symptom burden in long-term survivors of head and neck cancer: patient-reported versus clinical data. As Dr. Jennifer McClure completes the last of three innovative studies, she reflects on how the work began, the difference it may make, and what happens next.

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Tobacco remains a public health priority. And she unpacks its evidence-based stance on e-cigarettes. Jennifer McClure reflects on using personalized genetic knowledge to improve health and health care. Land Acknowledgment Our Seattle offices sit on the occupied land of the Duwamish and by the shared waters of the Coast Salish people, who have been here thousands of years and remain.

Learn about practicing land acknowledgment. Jennifer McClure, PhD. Stay connected: Subscribe to our newsletter!

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